Tuesday, July 23, 2013

"Transition Man (The Griffin Chronicles)" by Jon Pew

Transition Man (The Griffin Chronicles)
by Jon Pew

Transition Man is the first book in Jon Pew's The Griffin Chronicles series. Make sure you also read my blog post about Twisted Souls, the second book in series, which has just been released. Jon is also the author of Genesis (True Immortals).

Jon has kindly donated copies of both books in The Griffin Chronicles for our giveaway below. Be sure to enter!

The fabled war in Heaven has finally come to an end! Seven powerful angels of God and their armies have won the fight and cast the Devil and his minions to earth. The war for the souls of men intensifies to epic proportions with Transition Men at the heart of the battle.
Wesley Griffin is the most powerful Transition Man in existence and the king pin of the Las Vegas underworld. Shot to death by one of his “girls,” he finds darkness at the end of the tunnel and is sent back to earth by an evil power. Upon his return to life, he comes face to face with who he has been. The slumbering hero inside him awakens and gives rise to internal struggle. Wesley tries to use his new power to dominate all life no matter the cost, while the noble Griffin, fights to redeem Wesley’s evil and change his colors. Pitted against himself and other dark powers, Transition Man weaves the powerful tale of Wesley Griffin and his destiny.

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I don't recap plots, since that's in the product description, so I will speak to the plotting instead. Pew tells a good story that keeps the reader interested throughout the book. I have little patience for plot eddies, where everything seems to circle around without going anywhere, or the plot gets bogged down in long, tedious chunks of description. That doesn't happen with Transition Man. I heartily recommend this book!

From the Author
I was born in Tucson Arizona and am a proud father of three awesome kids and married to the most beautiful woman born. I am a life-long fan of entertainment in all its forms. I love watching movies, reading and listening to books and spending time with my family. I am a faithful member of the LDS Church and proud soldier in the United States Army. I have been an Entrepreneur most of my life and have tried my hand in many small businesses over the years. I joined the service in 2009 and wrote my first novel in 2010. My overall philosophy in life is Play to Win, so if you have a dream be proactive and go get it!

Jon has kindly donated copies of both books in The Griffin Chronicles for our giveaway below. First prize is a download of both books from Smashwords. Second prize is the winner's choice of one of the books in the series. Please show your appreciation by entering.
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