Thursday, July 18, 2013

"Little Blue Cloud" by Inbal Argov

Little Blue Cloud
by Inbal Argov

Little Blue Cloud is a unique children's book, written and illustrated by Inbal Argov.
The story is about a small blue cloud, and his first floating-steps in the sky. It tells about his first new discoveries over the course of one year, through all four seasons - spring, summer, fall and winter - and has an imaginative educational lesson for your little one.
A fun and smart bedtime story for your 3-6 year-old child. Little Blue Cloud is written with rhymes that are easy to follow and depicted with beautiful color illustrations, drawn by hand.

Book Trailer

On a bright, but slightly gray morning,
Wild Little Blue Cloud was aborning.
Born to Mother Lightning and Father Thunder ,
He was like any other newborn cloud,
And instantly he started to cry out loud.

I have a little daughter and after reading this story to her, she said she understood why her newborn baby brother cries so much, and if she could participate in taking care of him, so that he knows he's loved and protected... This brought tears to my eyes, and I have this book to thank for. An absolute must for every parent who wants to teach his kids true values in life!

About the Author
Inbal Argov is an accomplished architect, whose passion lies in writing children's stories that relate to everyday situations and feelings we experience when we're young.
The architectural world is full of shapes, lights, colors and emotions - just like the world of children's stories. This expertise brings life to Inbal's writing and creates a distinct voice that gives children a fun and exciting reading experience.
She expresses her great love for creating these new tales of imagination with the talent to combine engaging writing and unique, colorful drawing.
In Inbal's work, you and your child are invited to enjoy the moments of magic, together - moments that take you to a world that is similar to your own, but wildly different all at the same time - moments of a fantasy story. Little Blue Cloud is Inbal's first book.