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Tuesday, October 9, 2018

"Frequency" by Christopher Krovatin

by Christopher Krovatin

Frequency by Christopher Krovatin

Frequency by Christopher Krovatin is currently on tour with YA Bound Book Tours. The tour stops here today for an excerpt and a giveaway. Please be sure to visit the other tour stops as well.

Five years ago, Fiona was just a kid. But everything changed the night the Pit Viper came to town. Sure, he rid the quiet, idyllic suburb of Hamm of its darkest problems. But Fiona witnessed something much, much worse from Hamm’s adults when they drove him away.
And now, the Pit Viper is back.
Fiona’s not just a kid anymore. She can handle the darkness she sees in the Pit Viper, a DJ whose wicked tattoos, quiet anger, and hypnotic music seem to speak to every teen in town … except her. She can handle watching as each of her friends seems to be overcome, nearly possessed by the music. She can even handle her unnerving suspicion that the DJ is hell-bent on revenge.
But she’s not sure she can handle falling in love with him.

“It is you,” he said, his voice dark and smooth, like a black diamond, “isn’t it?”
Fiona wanted to play it cool, to pretend like she barely remembered him, but that was impossible.  Her heart raced. Her head spun.
“Yes,” she said, her eyes locked on his. “Of course it is.” A smile crept across the Pit Viper’s face. “I knew it was
you,” he said. “At the party. I recognized you.” She nodded. “And I recognized you.”
His smile spread wider. “I was worried you might have forgotten me.”
She bit her lip. Whatever he was making her feel, awe or excitement or whatever, she knew he was feeling the same. “How could I possibly have forgotten you?”
For a brief moment, they were silent, entirely lost in the energy flowing between them—and then Fiona realized, in a blast of cheek-burning embarrassment, that all eyes were on her.
[Want more? Click below to read a longer excerpt.]

Praise for the Book
“I absolutely LOVED this book. The characters were great, the small-town with secrets vibe was fun, and the story kept me interested the whole time.” ~ Brooke’s Reviews and Sweeps
“An intriguing and dark retelling of the Pied Piper, full of teenagers using bad language, detailed rock music references, and a hint of magic. There is some new adult romance to be had, though that is not the focus of this story, and I’m happy to say that the plot kept me guessing.” ~ Dreamer J Book Reviews
“I liked that this was different from the usual YA book that’s out there these days. Its focus on the mystical magic of music made it something unique and special. I liked the characters, their interactions and the pacing of the writing kept me engaged beginning to end. Readers looking for something different from the YA norm will enjoy taking a chance on this book.” ~ Cheryl B., Goodreads
“A great read with a mix of paranormal elements!” ~ Erika C., NetGalley
"… if you like music, (that I must admit that I do not know much about music references in this book), with a fresh and ingenious story, a book that I think is very different from others, you should read it.” ~ Dreams in Bookland

About the Author
Christopher Krovatin
Christopher Krovatin is an author and journalist of some ill repute. His past novels include Heavy Metal & You, Venomous, and the Gravediggers series. He is a contributor to Revolver Magazine and, and formerly sang in Brooklyn-based metal band Flaming Tusk. He is an avid fan of weird fiction, the occult, horror movies, heavy metal music, and Halloween. A native New Yorker, he now lives in Denver, Colorado.

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Tuesday, October 2, 2018

"Something About Forever" by Kimberly Loth

Something About Forever
by Kimberly Loth

Something About Forever by Kimberly Loth

This book blast and giveaway for Something About Forever is hosted by I Am A Reader.

For more books by this author, please check out my blog post on Kissed (FREE) and my blog post on Bittersweet.

They are bound to be the death of me.
Especially one with blue eyes, perfectly Mormon cut hair, and probably the inspiration for the girl’s camp song “Hot Priest”.
Why the heck did he have to be the bishop’s son?
Cause here’s the thing. While I’m Mormon, I don’t really belong. I mean, I want to, but I just can’t seem to keep on the straight and narrow. Seriously, look at me. I’m not even supposed to use the name Mormon anymore, but Latter-Day Saint is a mouthful. So I’m sticking to Mormon. Sorry, Prophet.
The bishop knows my past. He knows my problems. There is no freaking way he’s going to let me date his son.
Yet, Nate comes after me anyway. And I fall hard.
But eventually … I will have to tell him about my past.
And I know, he’ll run far, far away from me when I do.

“Lauren, we need to talk.”
Those four words needed to be expunged from the English language. Seriously. They build some stupid dread that might or might not be warranted. Every time I heard them, my hands started to sweat, and I didn’t even know what the issue was.
I took a sip of my hot chocolate, savoring the taste of the whipped cream before the liquid burned my tongue. I set down my mug, my lips still stinging. I knew better than to drink it that fast, but Mom had distracted me. What on earth did she want to talk about?
Maybe she’d found out I’d been drinking. My stepdad, Steve, wouldn’t have told her, but there were a number of other ways she could’ve found out. In the last few months, she’d been a lot more aware of what was going on around her.
“What’s up?” I asked with mock casualness. Steve sat next to my mom and would not meet my eyes. Heat crept up my neck and my face flushed. This would not be good.
“I got a new job,” Mom said with a grin.
Phew. “Oh, that’s good.” I let out a breath. See, she didn’t have to say, we need to talk and get my nerves up all unnecessarily.
Mom dropped her eyes. “But we have to move.”
Oh, yes, finally! I knew she’d been looking in the city. I’d wanted to move to New York City for years. At least twice a month, Cherise and I hit up parties there. I’d officially be cooler than she was now. I blew on my chocolate, now feeling silly for overreacting.
“Really? That’s awesome. Will we be living in Brooklyn by Sierra?” My sister had lived in New York for the last three years, though when I went, I didn’t see her. She wouldn’t approve of my antics in the city. I only visited her when Mom went too.
“No, love, we’re not moving to the city.” She’d dropped into her pity-mom voice—the one she always used when she delivered bad news.
“I don’t understand.” My hands gripped the hot mug.
“One of the restaurants I interviewed with wants me to open a new location in Tucson, Arizona.”
Wait. What? The room went silent for several long moments. The only sound in the room was the slow drip of the coffee maker. The bitter smell suddenly assaulted my nostrils. Maybe I misheard her.
“Excuse me? Arizona? What about Steve’s job?”
This couldn’t be happening. I had friends here. I was content with the way things were. I had a routine and it was good. This was my life. They couldn’t just up and move me to Arizona.
I wasn’t sure I could even locate that on a map, let alone fathom living there. I’d never been out of the northeast. They didn’t have snow in Arizona.
Nope. This was not happening.
“Steve can work from anywhere,” Mom said. I thought back on the last several months. I should’ve seen this coming—the whispered conversations between her and Steve, her sudden trip out west to visit her sister, mom packing up the guest room. I missed all the signs. It was like sleeping until noon and realizing you missed the sunrise.
I clenched my fists, thinking through all the implications. I didn’t like change, and there had been altogether too much of it lately. “But we don’t need the money, right? Steve makes enough.”
“Sure he does. But this is a great opportunity for me to get back into the business. I miss working.”
I couldn’t go. I was horrible at making new friends, and I liked partying. What if the kids in Arizona didn’t like me? I blinked away tears. “But, Mom, you could get a job at Denny’s. I don’t want to move.” She was a chef. A good one too, but after Dad left, she sank into a deep depression and lost her job. After that, she only worked odd catering jobs. She’d been looking for something better for months.
Her lips formed a tight line. “I’m sorry. The decision has already been made.”
I met my stepdad’s eyes. He loved the snow as much as I did. We hadn’t even had a good snowfall yet this year. “Steve, help me out here.”
He took my mom’s hand. “I’m ready for a change of scenery. This is a good thing. A fresh start. Your mom deserves this.”
“When are we moving?” Given enough time, I might be able to talk her out of it. Show her that I couldn’t move. Maybe I could just move in with my bff, Cherise. Her mom liked me well enough. Yeah. That’s what I’d do. Besides, mom wouldn’t move me in the middle of the school year. That was like GPA suicide. Not that my GPA was any good anyway, but that didn’t matter.
Mom let out a breath.
“Please don’t get upset. We have to move midyear. But it will be okay.”
I knew better than to think we could stay for another six months.
“Maybe Steve and I can stay here until the end of the school year.”
Steve gave my mom a look. “No. I don’t want to be away from her that long.”
My chest tightened. “When?”
“Two weeks.”
“Two weeks?” I shrieked. That was before Christmas. I had plans. Big ones, including watching the ball drop in Times Square on New Years Eve. I’d never been allowed to go by myself before, but this year, Cherise and I had an elaborate plan to go anyway. It included a lot of lies, but they’d always worked before.
Two weeks? This was impossible.
[Want more? Click below to read a longer excerpt.]

Praise for the Book
Something About Forever hit me directly in the feels. I haven’t read a book in a while that’s made me cry but this one got my tear ducts flowing. Lauren and Nate’s story is very reliable. I completely recommend this book if you haven’t read it yet!” ~ Brianna
“While this book could have been preachy, it is far from it. Religion isn’t forced on you, even though it plays a major role in the story. It is simply one part of what helps Lauren turn her life around. I liked the way Lauren struggled to overcome her past and forgive herself. It was realistic. This story is unlike any I’ve read by Kimberly Loth. She moved in an entirely new direction with her writing. The result is a story well worth reading. I really enjoyed it and am looking forward to the next book in the series.” ~ Donna
“Being not so perfect either, this book resonated deeply within my soul. The power of forgiveness for yourself and in giving to others can change your life. What a masterfully told story of love, acceptance, and forgiveness that is appropriate for teenagers and adults alike.” ~ Alie
“I’m not really someone who is big on books with religion, but I really loved this story … This is such a sweet and forgiving story that the entire time I read it I felt light-hearted and happy. I really enjoyed the adventure of Lauren and Nate.” ~ Ruby
“A different genre than normal, I was totally enraptured by this tale. This author truly breathed life into these characters and captured the very essence of forgiveness and redemption.” ~ Patty

About the Author
Kimberly Loth
Kimberly Loth has lived all over the world. From the isolated woods of the Ozarks to exotic city of Cairo. Currently, she resides in Tucson, Arizona with her family including an old grumpy cat named Max.
She’s been writing for ten years and is the author of the Amazon bestselling series The Dragon Kings. In her free time, she volunteers at church, reads, and travels as often as possible.

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Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Falling in Love featuring Jennifer Griffith

My '90s Boy Band Boyfriend
(Teen Queens Book 2)
by Jennifer Griffith

My ‘90s Boy Band Boyfriend (Teen Queens Book 2)  by Jennifer Griffith

During the month of September, we will be featuring 20 fabulous authors who write clean romance. Today we feature Jennifer Griffith with My '90s Boy Band Boyfriend, available for only $0.99.

Also available in the Teen Queens series: Super Daisy.

Super Daisy by Jennifer Griffith

This book blast and giveaway is hosted by I Am A Reader and Clean Wholesome Romance.

Teenage singer Oakley Marsden is having a rough week. Pop-star Hudson’s rough week is twenty-three years long
Sixteen-year-old Oakley just wants to win a spot on TV’s The Next Radio Star. But when her bad audition goes viral, going back to school is a nightmare.
Even more humiliating, she discovers her own mother was a boy band groupie. Cringe. And Mom still has a thing for a nineties boy band killed in the tragic plane crash twenty years ago.
When things can’t get worse, a strange beggar guy ends up carrying Oakley home- and Oakley’s mom loses her mind. She’s convinced he’s the long-dead popstar Hudson Oaks, frontman for Girl Crazy and Mom’s long-lost love.
And the guy isn’t denying it. Curse him.
Oakley has to save her mom from this impostor before Mom does something insane - and before Oakley starts falling for his charm too.

Mom’s voice got that suppressed squealing quality again. “Don’t you know who that is?”
“Who who is?” Oakley refused to believe her mom knew the seventeen/forty-year-old currently in her master bathroom shower. “That guy? He’s probably a drug addict, Mom. Believe me, I see a lot more of them at high school than you see in kindergarten. They’re actually pretty easy to spot: lack of self-care, bad personal hygiene, general disorientation, smell of smoke.”
“Sweetheart.” Mom looked more serious than she had in days, and she grabbed both of Oakley’s hands again for emphasis. “That guy who is now showering in our house is Hudson Oaks.”
The housing development guy from the boy band two decades ago?
“Mom.” Oakley wondered how many times she was going to have to call her mom out today for making wildly ridiculous statements. It was climbing into the dozens category now. “I think you and I both know that’s impossible.”
“He sounds like him, walks like him, says his name is Hudson Oaks. All the reasons. Trust me, I’m probably the greatest living expert on Hudson Oaks besides the man himself.”
That guy in her shower couldn’t be more than seventeen, and therefore not, legally, a man. Her mom should stay right away from that jailbait. Weren’t school teachers specifically trained on stuff like this? Apparently Mom had shelved all that based on seeing a … what?
Oakley’s world shifted on sands she hadn’t even known she’d been standing on. This new version of her life contained a mom who might just run off with a minor.
“Did you look at him, Mom? He’s, like, a seventeen-year-old kid. This whole incident happened over two decades ago. Don’t tell me you can explain that.”
“Of course I can.”
Of course she could. Oakley swallowed all the acid-tinged words and asked, “How?”
“Obvious. Time travel.”
A tiny explosion detonated in Oakley’s brain, but before she could react, a soft knock came at Oakley’s door. Mom hadn’t heard it, too enthralled in her moment of brilliant discovery. But Oakley had.
She looked over.
There in the doorframe, lit from the hall light behind, stood a dripping wet, formerly dirty boy, clad in just a towel at his waist. His hair was combed, and he had a definite young Tom Cruise quality about him—dark hair, charming smile, and those shoulders. Great Gatsby, those shoulders! Oakley caught her breath and had to swallow hard. The way he held his mouth, like he expected every woman to want to kiss it, made a little muscle tremble at the back of Oakley’s stomach.
She immediately tightened the muscle to put a halt to that nonsense.
[Want more? Click below to read a longer excerpt.]

Praise for the Book
“Loved it! Fun and witty and had enough twists to keep me guessing. The hero was totally swoony and I really identified with the heroine. It had a perfect ending!” ~ Donna H
“Time for a blast from the past! I had a lot of fun reading this book. I loved all the references to 90s music and culture. I had some pretty good laughs every time I came across a reference from that time.” ~ Julie C
“Fun, fun read! Between a time-traveling rock star who looks like Tom Cruise, finding out about her mother’s teenaged craziness, learning to give her stepfather the credit he deserves, and coming to terms with her own insecurities and talent, Oakley has a lot on her plate! Let the fun and games begin!” ~ Traci A
“This brought back a lot of memories as I was a teen in the 80’s. I loved this story. Sweet read & definitely good for teens & pre-teens or adults looking for a clean, fun story with a little romance, a little mystery & feel good ending!” ~ Rose D

About the Author
Jennifer Griffith
Jennifer Griffith writes light, sweet romances she calls Cotton Candy for the Soul. Her Legally in Love Collection stems from the fact she fell in love with a handsome law school student who now serves as a judge - as well as her muse. She also writes the Millionaire Makeover Romances, millionaires and makeovers being some things with which she has less experience.
Jennifer loves old cars, landscape paintings, fresh bread with raspberry jam, and reading. She lived in Japan during college, where she once ate a cricket on a dare. She also traveled through Europe, where she slept a night in a castle on the Rhine. Jennifer worked summers in a cookie factory, and she spent a few years working for the U.S. Congress before becoming a wife, a mom and an author.
Also by the author:

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