Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Love Byte by Larry Kilham

Love Byte by Larry Kilham

Juno is a super intelligent AI computer developed by the U.S. government to conduct social media attacks against enemies foreign and domestic. She is the first AI Computer programmed with emotions and conscience. She has an emotional bond with her developer, Tom Renwick, a computer scientist. Juno, Tom and their boss, Dr. Erwin Krakouer, the mad National Security Advisor, struggle with issues of trust and emotion. The involvement of Dido, a lady computer empire builder and sometimes girlfriend of Tom, and the Chinese cyber warfare agency add to the tension.
Love Byte explores emotion and conscience in super AI computers and their ability to partner with humans. In the changing ecology engendered by scarcity of critical resources, can humans’ creativity and ability to work with computers lead to continued survival and prosperity?

I thought my relationships with other humans was the greatest challenge I could face in my lifetime. That was before I read Love Byte. I now find myself scrutinizing my lap top and wondering if an AI isn't lurking inside. I have been receiving peculiar messages recently. Love Byte is intellectually challenging and a fun read. Enjoy it with a friendly computer or another technological advance. (By Zelda)

About the Author
Larry Kilham comes from a family of three generations with over 120 patents. As a serial entrepreneur he has founded and sold three companies in plastics machinery, polymer chemical quality analyzers and gas detection instrumentation. He is a holder of three patents and jointly received the IR-100 award for developing one of the 100 most significant technical products in the USA. He has been a consultant to six firms in high-tech product strategy. He has published over 15 articles in technical journals and over 100 articles in business and trade publications. Larry has addressed professional associations on a variety of technical developments, and he is a member of the American Chemical Society and the International Ozone Association.
Larry Kilham has a bachelor’s degree in engineering physics from the University of Colorado and a master’s degree in management from MIT. Currently he is a corporate director and is involved with several Santa Fe institutes focused on creativity and complexity. In 2001 he published Great Idea to a Great Company: Making Inventions Pay. In 2010 he published MegaMinds: How to Create and Invent in the Age of Google.