Friday, August 31, 2012

Enchanted Ravensong and Concentric Circles by Aithne Jarretta

Enchanted Ravensong (Charmed Evermore)
by Aithne Jarretta

Ruby Gladstone is a witch seeking new experiences. What she really wants is Daryl Manchester. But a magical encounter, body shift and a detour through an Otherly World takes immediate priority.
Becca Benard is a restless spirit. She wants justice for her murder and the person that can help her just arrived in the garden Becca has been haunting.
Ruby and Becca join together through spirit possession and shapeshifter magic to achieve their goals, but it isn't always smooth flying.

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Concentric Circles
by Aithne Jarretta

Shayla Brinawell comes from a fragmented family. She is about to have her world turned upside down and every other which way. Witch way that is. She must come to terms with her magical destiny in hyper drive.
Meekal Chilkwell as always known his life purpose. To protect the magical and healing waters of The Chalice Well located in the shadow of the great mystical Tor in Glastonbury, England. A new danger has arisen. One that threatens not only the Chilkwell family, but also the non-magical world.
Shayla & Meekal join together in order to conquer Syther the Quitch, an evil wizard bent on spreading darkness.

Enter a world filled with magic and history yet set in present day with all our conveniences and problems. Put the day's troubles behind you and allow yourself be transported into a world of fantasy, lust and romance when you first begin to read Concentric Circles.
When Shayla schedules a vacation to England to visit a historic site she is unaware of the unknown forces that are drawing her to the site where her destiny will be revealed. Daughter of an orphan, Shayla has always had special powers that defy explanation and that have been frowned upon and discouraged. But in this new world that is also so old, Shayla learns the true meaning of her gifts and learns why she is so blessed.
Meekal Magdal-eder Chilkwell, also known simply as Kal, is the man who has been fated to not only assist Shayla in learning about her ancestry and her mission in life but also to awaken a passion like she has never known. With her intuitive senses and his knowledge, and power, the two join as soul mates to battle the evil that threatens their world.
Concentric Circles was a very enjoyable read. I found my eyes blurring from staring at the screen for so long but was unable to tear myself away until I reached the end. The only criticism I had was that for a few chapters too much information was given to the reader and it can be difficult to absorb. As well there were sections that I had to go back and read again because I felt like I had missed something.
All in all though author Aithne Jarretta has done a fantastic job and I would recommend this to anyone who enjoys a magical story strengthened with a little sensual romance. (By Karen Magill)
About the Author
Aithne Jarretta lives in Clearwater, Florida, United States. Once upon a time Aithne Jarretta tripped upon a ley line. Actually it had happened before, but she didn't realize the ramifications until later.
She brushed the incident aside and climbed into her car. Real life was the important factor at the moment. However, those RL moments wove into meeting new friends--the kind most people never see and definitely don't chat much about. Those friends came with persistent voices.
Eventually Aithne brought them out of the closet and politely called them Muses. They became her virtual traveling companions and still journey with her today. Author: Concentric Circles, Wyndy: In a Heartbeat, Kissing Santa, Claire: the Lost Fae and Flash Fiction: Flashpoint & The Match Maker.