Sunday, August 5, 2012

Ellie by J. E. Christer

Ellie by J. E. Christer


Left on the doorstep of a foundling home whilst still a baby; Eloise Curtis grows up thinking herself an orphan. A twist of fate and the death of her best friend give her a new name and a new life, but she is caught between her employer’s spiteful bad temper and her desire to please Julia, her young mistress. 

At fourteen years-old she is taken to Lincoln to attend Julia, who at sixteen is to enter society. Again, she suffers at the hands of her employer but fate has even worse in store for her when she is accused of stealing and imprisoned in Lincoln gaol. After enquiries fail to confirm her story she is sentenced to fourteen years transportation.

She has no way of knowing the dangers she will have to face, or the shocking discovery that she has a brother who is searching for her.


By Cheryl M-M 

Cookson type storyline with the usual heartbreak and unfair situations. Set in the East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire area of the UK.

The book seems as if it has been put together very quickly. It lacks depth, which is unfortunate, because the writing and ideas are just fine. When I say quickly I mean it appears to have been more important to knock out a another book rather than create a really stunning one. So the ingredients are all there it just lacks that certain special dazzle that books of this genre need to grab the reader.

About the Author

Jeannette Christer was born in 1951 in Barton upon Humber, Lincolnshire. She spent her first seven years in the town attending the Church School which features in her novels. Jeannette spent many school holidays back in Barton staying with her cousin and says she will always have fond memories of being a teenager there and attending the local dances and youth club.

She married and had two daughters who are now adults themselves and have blessed her with eight grandchildren in all.

Jeannette worked full time as a legal secretary before the office closed and now has more time to write. Her first book, Spindrift, is based in Cornwall, her late husband's birth county and her favorite holiday destination.

Jeanette's later books, Polly's Small Town War and Polly's Homecoming,  are based in Barton upon Humber in the UK and are inspired by her mother's tales of life during WWII in a small town.

Jeannette's latest novel, Ellie, is based in Victorian Barton. It was released in July 2012.

Jeanette is a member of YouWriteOn, a website for aspiring authors.