Saturday, August 25, 2012

Sins of the Father by R. J. Palmer

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Sins of the Father by R. J. Palmer

A minister losing touch with his faith…
A severely autistic child with no past, no present and no real future…
An evil older than time itself…
When the boy Lucian is thrown into Aaron’s life with nowhere else to go all hell breaks loose and Aaron confronts things he never actually imagined could really exist in an effort to save one small, tortured child.

By Athanasios

I was a beta reader for this and RJ is a friend. Full disclosure aside Sins was a well written and touching story.
The great parts of the story were that the author doesn't spoon feed the plot to the reader, one has to connect the dots on one's own. Bowen is an unfortunate innocent who is the plaything of an ancient power seeking to return to this world. As the title suggests it is due to wrongs and transgressions Bowen was never a part of.
RJ makes you feel and ache for this child and Bowen is the best part of Sins, yet the other main character of Aaron is less sympathetic and didn't take hold of my interest as much as the boy did.
The detractions in Sins are hardly worth mentioning but I wished it could've had a more direct plot. By that I mean there wasn't as much conflict between the two main characters and the ancient evil until the final parts where the story ends.
This by no means makes Sins of the Father a lesser tale it just doesn't quite reach the point I would've had it go as an armchair auteur. Yet the obvious must be stated, I'm not RJ and this isn't my tale, but this is my review, and RJ told the story she wanted to tell the way she wanted to.
In closing RJ writes with a confidence and self assuredness of what she wants to say and how she wants to say it you rarely see.

About the Author
In the author's words:
Hi there.
I'm R.J. Palmer and I'm told that I should write a little something about myself at which point I should probably tell you that if you slog through this I give you kudos, you've done very well.
You see, there is nothing the least bit interesting about me and in truth sometimes I believe that I live vicariously through characters of my own creation in which case I should probably seek professional help straightaway. I could bore you with dry facts recited by rote but that would be contra-indicative of my personality type which demands that I at least make this somewhat interesting regardless of the enormity of the task involved. Easier said than done I can assure you.
I started writing Birthright because I was bored half insane and I've always had an overactive imagination that will go off on the most silly little tangents about anything at all really so it seemed only natural that when I found myself so completely and helplessly at loose ends one winter day that I began to write. Before then I had felt for many a year that I had what I could only describe as a completely useless talent for words though when I opened myself up to the story for the first time it spawned in me an enduring love affair with the written word which has profoundly changed my life. I can now spot a typo from across the room and I fairly consistently offer to rewrite anything that doesn't have the exact wording that I believe it should and I probably drive my husband completely batty but what can I say, it's compulsive. But I digress.
I had wondered at the possibility for years that something man made and frequently used could alter our very existence. I wondered if it could theoretically happen and what the circumstances surrounding an oversight of this magnitude would have to be and I became so enamored of the idea that I eventually began to become more obsessive than anything. When it came to the point that I could no longer put up with myself I finally set about writing a story that embodied the more dramatic aspects of my creative imagination gone hopelessly awry the result of which was Birthright. I've been sitting on Birthright for about eight years and have just discovered the courage thanks to the undying support and strength of the love of my life to actually post my writing though now I leave it to you, the reader, to judge the worth of my work.
I released Sins of the Father a few months back (in April).