Monday, September 10, 2018

Silver Dagger Book Tours Two-Year Anniversary Celebration

Silver Dagger Book Tours
Two-Year Anniversary Celebration

Silver Dagger Book Tours Two-Year Anniversary Celebration

Silver Dagger Book Tours is two years old this month, and they’re giving you to chance to win $200 to celebrate.

About Silver Dagger Book Tours
Believe it or not, Silver Dagger Book Tours was created and is mainly operated by just one person, Maia Gomez.
Maia used to be just an Internet crawler looking for new books and giveaways when she stumbled upon book tours. After indulging in many dozens of tours, she decided she’d like to try her hand at blogging in her spare time (with absolutely no blogging experience at all!). She was a book blogger for several companies (and still is) and stuck with it for over three years. In that time, she learned all the ropes and became a pretty efficient blogger, but there was still something missing. She wanted to make her posts stand out a bit, so she started creating small graphics to jazz them up.
Maia became pregnant with her second child in the fall of 2015. She and her husband finally purchased their first home, she quit her waitressing job, packed up everything for the move, and never looked back!
It took several months of trying to get the ball rolling, as Maia found it difficult to get authors to tour with her new company, Silver Dagger Book Tours. Then she had the brilliant idea of letting authors pay what they could comfortably afford, instead of the outrageous rates charged by some other tour companies.
Since then, Maia has organized over 1000 tours and worked with hundreds of authors – many of who come back for repeat tours! Two or three tours kick off every weekday with occasional tours on the weekends, and every tour is required to have a giveaway so readers can gain a little something and have fun while they enjoy learning about new books.
Maia says: “I have an absolutely amazing group of bloggers that share my tours on their sites and really couldn't have gotten this far without their continued support and would like to thank each and every one of them! Ya'll are amazing! I also have two assistants that help me check links and keep up with blogger activity – Janet, who's been with me over a year, and Laurie, who is a new addition. Ya'll ladies are spectacular and I couldn't do it without you! Absolutely everything else is completely run solely by me, though, and I really enjoy organizing tours and helping new authors get discovered. I don't discriminate and host ALL fictional genres in ALL age ranges as me and my bloggers have a broad range of readers that enjoy many different genres. After two years of astronomical tours, I am going stronger than ever now and growing on a daily basis with plans to continue hosting tours for many many years!”
We wish you all the best, Maia!
If you’re an author interested in booking a tour with Silver Dagger Book Tours, you can find a FAQ page and booking form here.

If you’re a blogger interested in hosting with Silver Dagger Book Tours, you can view the open tours here.

Or sign up for email invites here.

About Maia
Maia Gomez
A third-generation local of the historic town of Fredericksburg, Texas, I was born and raised among the rolling hills of the Texas Hill Country where the beauty of the landscape is breathtaking. The town is famous for the Main Street historic shopping district, the best peaches in the world, wildflowers, and wine. I really can't imagine living anywhere else!
A country girl through and through, I grew up hunting, fishing, and digging for Indian artifacts, all the while enjoying the many rivers and swimming holes around town. I'm a stay-at-home mom with three beautiful boys - ages 9, 2, and 1 - who encompass my entire world!
A bookaholic from birth, I have always had a deep passion for reading and spend many nights devouring books into the wee hours of the morning. My “real” book collection numbers over 3000 books and takes up an entire small room in our house – complete with custom bookshelves built by my husband - that I call my “book cave”. I've been building this collection since my childhood and will keep on adding to it for the rest of my life. Of course, I also have a similar collection of ebooks as well, as I finally went digital a few years ago.
In my spare time, I enjoy reading, playing with my kids, doing DIY renovation projects with my husband, cooking, and relaxing on my back porch with a good cup of coffee while I watch the massive axis deer herd come through the yard.

Enter the celebration giveaway for a chance to win a $200 Amazon gift card or PayPal cash.