Tuesday, September 25, 2018

"Finding Your Path: A Happy Start to School" by Amba Brown

Finding Your Path:
A Happy Start to School
by Amba Brown

Finding Your Path:A Happy Start to School by Amba Brown

Australian author and psychologist Amba Brown stops by today to share an excerpt from A Happy Start to School, the latest addition to her Finding Your Path series. You can also read my review. 

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Finding Your Path series by Amba Brown

A fun and original way to socially, emotionally and practically prepare children around the world for starting school. Playful and engaging, this beautifully designed resource is for every child starting to wonder about starting school and needing that little bit of support, encouragement or insight into school life.

Book Video

Hi, I'm Fyp,
So glad you stopped by!
I'm sooooo excited,
And I'm sure you know why.
We're going to school,
Yes - me and you.
But there's more than just us,
All our friends are coming too!

Praise for the Book
“Brilliant ... Such amazing insights for children written in a way that's sure to connect!” ~ Kate Hall, Australian Early Childcare Director
“Very cute little book for little kids starting school. Something different to what's already out there.” ~ Judy

My Review

By Lynda Dickson
The cute rhyming text introduces us to Fyp (short for “Finding Your Path”), a boy who is about to start school. He shares his reassuring message with his young readers that starting school is nothing to worry about. He shows them how to prepare for their first day, what they’ll need to take with them, what they’ll learn, the games they’ll play, how the day is structured, and even how to interact with teachers and other children.
The author has a degree in psychology, and it sure shows. She imbues this book with constant reassurances and positive messages to give young children the confidence they need to try something new.
Full of bright and colourful illustrations throughout, this book is sure to appeal to your little ones. What a great start to their school life!

About the Author
Amba Brown
Amba's an Australian Positive Psychology author, who holds a degree majoring in psychology & sociology, with a Psychological Science Honours specialising in Positive Psychology.
She has also delivered her message on the TEDx Stage.
Amba is also a member of The International Positive Psychology Association and is passionate about alleviating the anxieties of youth. Her goal is to share these tools as far and wide as possible.