Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Falling in Love featuring Jo Noelle

Secondhand Hearts
(Peak City Romance Book 1)
by Jo Noelle

Secondhand Hearts (Peak City Romance Book 1) by Jo Noelle

During the month of September, we will be featuring 20 fabulous authors who write clean romance. Today we feature Jo Noelle with Secondhand Hearts, the first book in the new Peak City Romance series, ON SALE for $0.99 today only. Available for pre-order: Falling for You.

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As a member of a top country-western band, Chase has the money and fame he’s always wanted. When he meets the beautiful woman who owns Treasure Mountain Pawn, he has to hide both of those things from the one person he wants to know everything about him.
When Elena sees Chase for the first time, his turquoise eyes and tousled brown hair convince her that she might believe in insta-love. Just in time, her brain takes over, reminding her that her business is in trouble, making her future uncertain - not a good time for love.
But being with Chase is as easy as following her heart, until she finds he has a secret big enough to break it.

Elena looked around the business her dad had built—a thirty-six-hundred-square-foot legacy with iron bars on the windows called Treasure Mountain Pawn, that had passed on to her.
“Elena, I got ya something I think ya need.” Tug walked toward the back of the store.
“We agreed. No presents,” she called over her shoulder, but he continued toward the storage room as if he hadn’t heard her. Something I need? I need a huge inheritance from a long-lost relative. Or a millionaire business partner. Or to win a lottery as soon as possible.
The bell on the front door jingled again, drawing Elena out of her wishes. Tug had turned the sign to “Closed” when Lucas left, but apparently, he’d forgotten to lock it. Glancing up, she found herself looking into turquoise eyes. Not blue, not green, but somehow both. His brown hair was perfectly tousled, and there was a shadow across his jaw, not like he forgot to comb or shave, but like he knew he rocked that look—complete with rolling a guitar pick between his fingers. His sleeves were pushed up, revealing muscular arms ribbed with veins. He walked toward her in a black button up—tight across his broad shoulders and obviously muscular chest, and then tucked into slim blue jeans behind a large belt buckle. He wore western boots, expensive but not flashy. She couldn’t help taking him in. Oh, my gosh! She could hardly breathe. Everything she found attractive in a man was wrapped up in one neat package.

About the Author
Jo Noelle is a Colorado native but lived in several mountain states–Idaho, Utah, and California. She has two adult children and three small kids.
She teaches teachers and students about reading and writing, grows freakishly large tomatoes, enjoys cooking (especially desserts,) builds furniture, sews beautiful dresses, and likes to go hiking in the nearby mountains.
Oh, and by the way, she’s two people – a mother/daughter writing team. We write dessert romances – satisfyingly sweet, and you’ll want more.

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