Saturday, September 8, 2018

"Journeys Unsilenced" by Senti Ncube

Journeys Unsilenced
by Senti Ncube

Journeys Unsilenced by Senti Ncube

Senti Ncube stops by today to share an excerpt from Journeys Unsilenced, his debut book of poetry.

Journeys Unsilenced poetically expresses thoughts and feelings experienced along the journey of life. This book will take you through life's highs and lows from an introspective and empathetic point of view.
Come along for the journey and see where it takes you!

In My Dreams
She gives me a feeling I haven’t felt in quite a while,
And she only enhances it with her effervescent smile.
Light shines in her eyes where her beauty is kept;
Her soft, glowing eyes show me soulful depth.
An element of shyness only adds to her attraction,
Which caused me to have this impulse reaction.
Beautiful on the outside, but more so in;
Her kindness is genuine having no end.
In my dreams, I could never reach through,
But maybe in reality, I could reach out for you.
Life Perspectives
Somewhere a sunset is a sunrise.
Somewhere a sunrise is a sunset.
Our viewpoint shapes how we see the sun…
And life.
You can do
Great things invisibly OR small things visibly.
Unfortunately, perception is reality.

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Praise for the Book
“This book really speaks to in-depth emotions. The way you articulate various feelings in a poetic form is absolutely amazing!” ~ AC1234

About the Author
Senti Ncube
Senti Ncube moonlights as a writer in West Palm Beach, Florida, where he writes about any intriguing topic relating to the human condition. His words will take you on journeys, causing you to reflect and give thought to various situations.