Friday, September 28, 2018

"Flecks of Red" by Melyssa Harmon

Flecks of Red:
A Poetry Anthology on Mental Illness
by Melyssa Harmon

Flecks of Red: A Poetry Anthology on Mental Illness by Melyssa Harmon

Melyssa Harmon stops by today to share an excerpt from Flecks of Red: A Poetry Anthology on Mental Illness, a collection of poetry written by those affected by mental illness.

Flecks of Red is a unique collection of poetry written by those affected by mental illness. It began as a poetry contest and blossomed into a national fundraiser for DBSA, the Depression & Bipolar Support Alliance of America. If you or a loved one suffers from anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, PTSD, OCD and other similar illnesses there is sure to be a poem within this collection that will speak to you.

Sorrowful Slumber by Melyssa A. Harmon
Full moon bright shines down to light
My tired shoulders, another night
Of endless toss and constant turn,
In dreams my sorrowful heart does burn,
Need, like fury, deep it creeps
From mind to mouth to ear it seeps
Seeking in you he innocent child
Of yesteryear, my heart beguiled,
To right finally the wrong of my youth
My shameful heart be dying proof
That wish an dream wrap warm your heart
In apology sincere, now years apart.
Heart on sleeve, blushed cheeks of red
Spinning thoughts entrap my head
Low and hung in sorrow deep,
To go without I cannot sleep
As slumber reminds I've yet to say,
I'd change in a heartbeat that fateful day
Returning to you years plagued with me,
Dear Amy I am so sorry.
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Praise for the Book
“Feeling connected to other people affected by mental illness is vital and Flecks of Red offers an important reminder, none of us are alone. Each of the anthology’s writers has a voice that is unique, brave and valuable... I can’t imagine anyone not relating to at least one of these poems. Here’s to vulnerability - it’s a beautiful and powerful thing!” ~ Melissa R.
“What an amazing book. Loved the personal passages from the authors. I read the poems and then the personal pieces and went back and read the poems again. What an amazing talented group of writers. Book is very well put together and would highly recommend for anyone and everyone to read.” ~ Linn Hawley
“Beautifully curated book full of poetry that truly touches you when you least expect it to. If you are going through or are close to someone with mental illness you can definitely feel the depths that some of these poems go. Truly wonderful read. Thank you!” ~ Kimberly Rutledge
“This touched me in a way I didn't know possible. It means the world to know I'm not alone in my thoughts and feelings.” ~ Amazon Customer
“This is one of the finest poetry books I have read.” ~ kwame1977

About the Author
Melyssa Harmon
I have been writing poetry since age 12. My life influences include Coach Roger Freeborn and Dr. Robert Schuller. My first collection of poetry was awarded the Pacific Northwest Young Author's Conference award through Seattle Pacific University. I have been writing since then as well as publishing fanzines, a magazine and now a poetry anthology. This latest endeavor began as an online poetry contest and flourished into a fundraiser for the Depression & Bipolar Support Alliance. It has been a labor of love collecting poetry for a variety of writers that identify with mental illness.