Monday, May 4, 2015

"Way to Go" by Mandy Colton

Way to Go
(Way to Go Book 1)
by Mandy Colton

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Veronica Lane, travel dilettante extraordinaire, has a dream job in the travel industry and well laid plans for her future until one hellish day of travel fantastically crescendos with the worst of news. Waking up the next morning to a big surprise, confirms the drowning frustration and loss in the hotel bar the night before was a bad idea.

One thing we Southerners liked was our red velvet cake. I even remembered a fierce battle over one between some of the female relatives at a couple of our family reunions. The rivalry had lasted for years. Aunt Darlene thought hers was better than Aunt Gerta’s, and she’d gotten caught trying to sabotage the other aunt’s cake. The next year, Aunt Gerta had just picked up Aunt Darlene’s cake and dumped it. That resulted in a catfight out in the yard and the family dog barfing up a piece of Gerta’s wig when all the kids were eating watermelon later that day. What a great memory.
Plowing through my warm plate of chocolaty red velvet pancakes had brought up that warm and fuzzy memory. I shoveled another bite of pancake with the cream cheese icing and powdered sugar on top and then took a bite of my bacon and looked at the table. It was covered with plates. I looked up at Wes, who shoveled his own mound of food into his mouth. He had pretty much ordered and eaten one of everything on the menu.
Wes could be a dimwit of a brother, but I guess he was considered handsome. His hair was brown with red highlights, and he had our dad’s chiseled good looks and Mom’s eyes. He was tall and muscular, and the girls seemed to like him a lot. He had also always been into sports; he’d played football and was on the track team in high school.
I knit my brows. “How the hell do you eat that way and look like you do?”
He burped and grinned, raising his arm to show me his bicep muscle. “I work out every day at the gym next to the station. We get a discount because we serve the community. Need to stay in tip-top shape, and the women really dig the muscles. I’m ready for anything. Bring it on, bad guys. Grrr!” He chuckled and went back to shoveling.
I rolled my eyes at him. “You’re a golf cart cop. When’s the last time you ran over a felon?”

Praise for the Book
"I must say – I honestly thought this was going to be a Eat, Pray, Love kinda book. You know – woman is down on her luck in pretty much all areas of her life and the week just does not get any better. There’s that saying that we shouldn’t laugh at people’s misfortunes … well … the suggestion is that we shouldn’t … doesn’t mean we can’t. I do have guilt for laughing at this character’s crappy crappy day but I defy anyone to not let out a snicker.[...] There are hilarious scenes that will have you wheezing. [...] Colton is a breath of fresh air with the writing. I could tell you [...] about the funny parts but then that would be ruining it for you." ~ Karen's Book Haven
"CONGRATULATIONS MANDY!!!!!!!!!! Awesome first book. Everyone should read this. :)" ~ techiejj

About the Author
Mandy Colton is from Louisville, Kentucky, and lives a very quiet life with her husband and teenage son. She’s a fan of romance, fun adventure stories, and some occasional sci-fi or paranormal thrown in. Veronica Lane and the idea for her adventures came from her own experiences and career working in the travel industry.
She claims that working in the travel business could be horribly stressful but was equally laugh-out-loud funny at times. She enjoyed many priceless and comical experiences with groups, friends, and peers. Even her clients shared humorous adventures of their own. Her opinion is that there just are no better stories than those that involve true life.

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