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"Adrenaline" by Sunniva Dee

by Sunniva Dee

Adrenaline by Sunniva Dee has just been released and is ON SALE at the special price of $2.99 (save $1.00) to 2 May. This book blitz is brought to you by Xpresso Book Tours.

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Gorgeous extreme-sport junkie, Cameron, is every woman's dream. Except he has never been in love. With on-and-off-again boyfriend, Bo, love destroys Swedish Ingela, but moving on is impossible. Or is it? And ... should she?
Life’s the shit!
Chicks squeal over how wild and yummy I am, play their silly games trying to tie me down. But I’m free as a bird, doing what makes life life: kicking extreme-sport-ass!
I base jump, snowboard, bungee jump. I do anything for the rush.
Then, Ingela blows into town for college - a cool Swedish blast of trouble. Foulmouthed and runway-gorgeous, the girl seeps in like poison and melts the freaking brain.
To Ingela I am what chicks were to me: pastime, leisure, entertainment, pleasure. She’s killing me, and I’m digging it. There’s a new rush in town! Yeah, I hunt down my highs, and now the chase is on. I’ll catch her soon enough, just, what’s the deal with her ex?
With Ingela, sex is a dance. A slow tango where skin flows over skin. It is slick readiness, a quiet welcome. It’s smooth, warm, right, and all wrong.
On and off. On and off. Again, she’s wrecked with grief. It’s a reminder of how I destroy her, how crushed relationships shouldn’t be revived.
We’ve done this for years, now, but clearly we’re in for more.
Note: Due to strong language an explicit love, this New Adult novel is intended for mature audiences.

My cell just buzzed. It’s four in the morning on a weekday. On an instinctual level, I know who it is. I’m not one to give myself breaks; not once, not once, do I not answer when he calls, so I sit up, adrenaline diluting my blood and telling me to go-go-go.
“Stop missing me, asshole,” I say into the receiver.
Brooding, emotional, feel-sorry-for-himself, wishy-washy, sexy nightmare Bo. He’s the epitome of inconsiderate. I’ve been studying in the US for over two years now, but my ex keeps calling me from home. Not giving a damn about the time difference, he calls right when the hell he needs me.
I fumble for the light. Turn it on. Squint and clutch my phone tighter. “Hej,” I puff out next since he doesn’t respond right away.
“Hej, Inga,” he breathes back. Voice silky, like the damn singer-guitarist he is, he says what I knew he would as if he didn’t hear my initial greeting. “I miss you.”
“You’re horrible, Bo.”
“Come on, Inga—this is hard.”
I know what he means by hard. “Is it?” I ask, sitting up straighter. “Is it, now? Then, why did you break up with me for the fifteenth time in, like, what…”
I don’t want to repeat the number of years out loud. Bo and I were an item on and off between the ages of sixteen and twenty-one. All I care about right now is him shutting the hell up. Whenever I’m almost over him, he’s there again. Black-velvety soft voice in my ear, making adrenaline, my worst enemy, course through my body until I tremble.
The man on the phone drove me to the brink a while back. There’s a reason why I’m here and not in Gothenburg where I’d be subject to his erratic moods on a daily basis.
For the millionth time, I wish I didn’t remember the good parts. Me, starting out as the sixteen-year-old groupie of his local band. The parties, the fun. The endless nights in our own little world in the dump he rented with two fellow bandmates. I swallow a lump in my throat. It was supposed to be us always. Not just for a few years. And he wasn’t supposed to be… the way he is.
“Inga, did you hear what I said?” Bo whispers now, like he cares that I should be asleep at this hour.
“I call you, and you don’t even listen?”
“Doing my best,” I say. By the displeased huff he makes, I can tell he understands; I’m doing my best at not listening to him.
“I’m accepting a scholarship to a one-year guitar clinic in Los Angeles.”
Even sitting, my knees go weak. Deepsilver, the gorgeous little college town I’ve set new roots in here on the East Coast, must be only hours from Los Angeles by plane. The pull is on my heartstrings already—I’m too close to where Bo will be.
“Why?” I ask. “They can’t teach you anything here that you can’t learn in Gothenburg, I’m sure. And the band—are they replacing you?”
He puffs a snicker. “Naw. I don’t think so.” Bo is aware that he’s the chick magnet of the bunch and the reason they’ve been doing decent as a college band since they moved to the big city.
“I might check in with some labels while I’m in L.A. The band is with me on this. Probably heading over too, if I can scrounge up some gigs for us. Maybe we’ll tour the East Coast. How about that, Inga? We’ll pop by your little town.”
“Uh-huh, whatever.” I hurt. I try not to admit it to myself, but I miss him so much. The need to have him with me under my covers sucker-punches me. No one. No one is like Bo in bed. I feel the ghost of his hands on my skin as he lets out a quiet laugh on the other end.
“You’re so silly, Ingela. Just give it up already. I’ll take a couple of days in Deepsilver on my way there, okay? I’ll treat you well.”
I blush. There’s a reason to his sexy chuckle, to his sudden promise. As soon as I’m the slightest bit turned on, my breathing stops cooperating. Five years of on-and-off dating has Bo tuned in to the smallest changes in me the way he is to his guitar. So yes, he’s completely aware of his effect on me.
“Fuck you,” I mumble.
“Do you swear as much in English as you do in Swedish?” he purrs like he’s describing dirty pleasures.
“None of your—”
“—goddamn business?”
“Yeah, that. Bye, dick.”

Praise for the Book
"Just when I thought that Sunniva Dee couldn't possibly write a book that would be better than her previous novels – BAM! – she amazed me once again by writing not just an outstanding story, but an absolutely AMAZING story with so much of everything I love in a romance novel – love, humor, heartache and hot, sizzling romance. Adrenaline is the perfect title for this story because your heart will race ninety miles a minute as you go on this journey with Ingela, Cameron and Bo." ~ Tamara @ The Avid Book Collector
"Reading this story was like slamming vodka shots chased by red bulls! It's a high energy story written fast-paced. I read this story so fast that I thought maybe I was not reading detailed enough, but that wasn't the case! The story drew me to read fast. I was on a serious HIGH while I read this story. So much so, that I ran to put Leon's Way on my #immediate TBR!" ~ Jessica Alcazar
"Wow. Just wow. I loved this book. Every once in a while, a book comes along that ticks all my boxes. Fun, sexy, sweet, real, raw, heartbreaking and heart-healing. Great characters, awesome storyline, and epic writing. Sunniva hit the mark with Adrenaline. I highly recommend this amazing novel. You do not want to miss out on Cameron Falck!" ~ Cheryl
"I both loved and hated this book, but don’t get me wrong this is the type of book that I love to hate, the kind of hate that you experience when you love a book so much and you hate to read the end on that last page. I got so involved with this characters that I literally wanted to jump into the page and nock some sense into Inga and Cameron." ~ Amazon Customer
"I have to start out by saying that this is the first time for me, reading anything by Sunniva Dee. I was totally blown away! This story has so much, it's difficult to pick out certain pieces to tell you about. From the very beginning I was drawn into the book, made a participant, and held on for dear life, turning page after page until the very end. This story is called adrenaline and it is a good name for it because it gets your adrenaline pumping as you ride along with Cameron, Bo, and Ingela." ~ Melissa72

From the Author
Originally from Norway, I moved to the United States twelve years ago. I hold a Master’s degree in languages and taught Spanish at college level before settling in at the Savannah College of Art and Design as an adviser.
I write New Adult fiction, sometimes with a paranormal twist - like in Shattering Halos, published by The Wild Rose Press in February 2014 and in Stargazer, released November 2014. The first book I’ve self-published was the New Adult Contemporary novel Pandora Wild Child, which made me a proud indie author in October 2014.
I specialize in impulsive heroines, bad-boys, and good-boys running amok. Then, there’s the intense love, physical and emotional attraction beyond reason - sensory overload for the reader as well as for the characters. Like in real life, I hope you’re unable to predict what comes next in my stories.
Yes, so I write what I love to read, and depending on the reader, you’ll find my books to be a fast-paced emotional rollercoaster - or disturbing because the struggles of love aren’t your thing. Here’s to hoping you have the same reading vice as me!

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