Saturday, May 23, 2015

"My Heart is Yours" by Amanda Leigh

My Heart is Yours
by Amanda Leigh

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Samantha Marie Ramsden has three brothers. Craig, John and Matt. When tragedy strikes their family, Craig takes on the task of becoming his siblings legal guardian. It’s hard enough being someone’s guardian, but when you’ve only recently entered adulthood yourself it’s almost impossible to know where to draw the line between sibling and "parent".
This is made even harder on him when Sam starts to get close to a long time friend, Jason. It looks like their friendship could turn into something more. An idea that Craig has never been too happy with.
Spanning six years, My Heart is Yours explores family, friendship, love and much more. As well as asking the question: Would you defy family for love?

It was late afternoon and Jason and Sam were on the couch watching a movie. The guys of course teased them a lot, followed by quite a few congratulations. Craig wasn’t ecstatic, but he accepted it.
Craig walked out to the end of the driveway and sitting in their gray mailbox was a letter from Princeton financial aide. For a moment he let hope bubble up inside him. He quickly suppressed it. He couldn’t let himself get his hopes up for this. Not yet. He knew the letter was technically for Sam, but he couldn’t help himself. Before he went inside, Craig opened the letter, and his face dropped. How was he going to tell Sam?
“Sam.” He called as he walked in, the screen door slamming behind him.
“We got a letter from Princeton financial aid.” Craig said hesitantly.
She sat up straight. “What’s it say?”
“Well, you got a scholarship.” He began.
“Really? I did.” She cut him off quickly. His face fell. Sam saw the look on his face now.
“What?” She said hesitantly, her eyebrows knitting close together.
“We still can’t afford it.” He said slowly.
“Oh.” She flopped back down on the couch next to Jason. “Oh, uh. Okay.”
“Sam, I’m sorry.” He sat down on the couch next to her.
“It’s okay, Craig. I understand. Princeton’s expensive. It’s fine. I could still take some classes around here.”
“Sam, I - ” Craig put his hand on her shoulder.
“Craig. It’s fine. Really.” She said with finality.
Craig sighed. He didn’t know what else to say, so he went into the kitchen.
Jason pulled Sam closer and she rested her head on his shoulder. He stroked her hair gently.
“You sure you’re okay?” He asked.
“I’ll survive.”
“I’m sorry.” He said and kissed the top of her head. She smiled and snuggled closer to him.

Praise for the Book
" ... it truly is one of the most genuine and heartfelt stories I've read in a long time. Not only does author Amanda Leigh entwine different character pov's beautifully, but she also grabs your attention with the perils of broken homes, first love and the truths that it awaken within the heart. I instantly fell in love with Amanda's characters and their fierce bond within one another as they struggled to overcome obstacles and boundaries that tested their strength, heart and continuous belief that love is the strongest bond of all. It needs to be said, My Heart is Yours will leave you will all kinds of feels!!! My Heart is Yours is a romantic, exciting and charismatic read. One that will stay with you long after the last page is turned." ~ Jennifer Weiser

About the Author
Amanda Leigh graduated with a BA in English and Communications and a double minor in Psychology and Creative Writing. During college, she worked on the literary magazine and loved every minute of it. She adores cats and has one named Sawyer - named after one of her favorite characters in the TV show Lost. Amanda enjoys reading, writing avidly in a journal, writing poetry, fiction and creative non-fiction, cooking, listening to music, singing, swimming, and art - particularly photography. Amanda is a bit of a chocoholic and is slightly obsessed with office supplies. She has many ideas for stories so keep an eye out for more work from her.

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