Tuesday, May 5, 2015

"Setting Up House" by Jackie Weger

Setting Up House:
Home and Hearth Collected Edition
by Jackie Weger

Just in time for summer, Setting Up House is a collection of Jackie Weger's three most popular full-length novels packed with love and laughter and adventures of the heart. Three love stories about ordinary men and women hoping for safe haven, a home and hearth, someone to love and be loved in return and a bit happiness at the end of the day.
Join Justine Hale in The House on Persimmon Road as she moves her eccentric family into a house rented sight unseen in Alabama's rich delta land. Justine is flummoxed when she discovers the house is owned by a Civil War ghost with her own agenda.
In Finding Home, follow the high jinx of Phoebe Hawley, country as they come, but full of moxie and pride on her quest to find her family a home in a tiny fishing village on the Gulf Coast. The earth tilts during the summer solstice. Phoebe is determined to put it right because family is everything.
Stay cool all summer with The Reluctant Hero as Rebecca Hollis, tasked with finding homes for five orphans, finds herself battling the elements and worse - a lonely pilot who considers the lot of them the most irksome freight he has ever hauled in his life.
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The House on Persimmon Road
by Jackie Weger

Need Help? Hire a Ghost. She Cooks. Lottie Roberts is restless and lonely. She’s been sitting on her bones for decades, waiting for her ticket to heaven until … Justine Hale and her family take up residence in Lottie’s two-hundred-year-old plantation house. Lottie senses in Justine a kindred spirit - filled with heartache and in reduced circumstances - which Lottie considers mirrors her own situation exactly. Yet Justine is trying to do the right thing. Else why is she burdened with a bankrupt mother without an ounce of common sense? Or an ex mother-in-law who looks like a pickled beet with a tongue sharper than a hatchet? And where is the father of the recalcitrant eleven year-old boy and the eight-year-old afraid of her own shadow?
Justine needs help and Lottie is of a mind to provide it. But before Lottie can say squat and Justine even unlocks the front door, Tucker Highsmith shows up to steal her thunder. His dark eyes, lazy grin, and sexy Alabama drawl coupled with the dern braggart’s Mr. Fix-it talents just might be the answer to all of Justine’s problems. Or maybe not, because Lottie has her own agenda since she found her bones on a hidden staircase.

Praise for the Book
"Just a touch of fantasy with great characters and story line. Loved it and looking forward to more books by Jackie Weger."
"A truly remarkable story that I couldn't stop reading. It was funny at times. A truly entertaining book that I would recommend to anyone that likes to read."
"Wonderful, I just wanted it to be about 2000 pages longer. Ms Weger is gifted from above with her writing skills."
"This book has so much going for it."
"A main protagonist who is admirable and fun. A really funny ghost. A fast plot line. Real characters with whom you can identify. An easy flow."

Finding Home
by Jackie Weger

Twenty-four year old Phoebe Hawley is on a quest to find her family a home. On the road with two siblings, twelve year-old Maydean and five year-old Willie-Boy, Phoebe is out of money, out of gas and out of patience. Now the only things she owns in abundance are Hawley backbone and Hawley pride - neither of which she can trade for food or gas.
A collision with Gage Morgan puts Phoebe's mission in even worse jeopardy - until Phoebe discovers Gage Morgan owns the perfect place for the Hawley clan. But! Gage Morgan has a bruised ego, a tight fist on his land and an iron fist on his heart and is the unlikeliest man in the universe to succumb to her schemes. Phoebe wields all of the pride, backbone and country smarts she owns to claim his home, plow his land and pilfer his heart. Nothing works. With time running against her family, she plies one last inducement - her scarce feminine wiles … Will it be enough?

Praise for the Book
"Mother loves it."
"I found a book with southern charm, love the way they talk, and love the quirky names of the characters."
"I don't usually read romance novels, but this was a good book. I would recommend it to others. Very sweet story that kept me laughing from beginning to end."
"Loved this book keeps you entertained the entire time. It is something different from your typical sappy love stories this one has some kick to it and a touch of reality to it. Excellent writing."

The Reluctant Hero
by Jackie Weger

Parnell Stillman, ace pilot, is man to the bone in a lackadaisical kind of way. He has the ability to fly through anything except solid mountain. He lives alone because people are not to be trusted - especially women. Flying is his high road until one sleet-filled morning - it isn’t. Mischance forces his plane down in a frozen wilderness. He can survive, but his live cargo is another matter - an annoying social worker and five orphans - the most irksome freight he’s ever hauled in his life.
Rebecca Hollis is determined to force the obnoxious, disagreeable, self-centered pilot to do whatever is necessary to insure the survival and rescue of the orphans … Even if it means making the noble gesture of keeping her mouth shut - or other womanly things. But the pilot isn’t having it. No way. No how. No time. He’d rather dance with a grizzly or wrestle a puma than give his heart over to a conniving, wily do-gooder. Heroics is not his thing. Rebecca Hollis has other ideas - lots of them! All artful and disingenuous - one of which is bound to work … She hopes.

Praise for the Book
"Another great read, sit back and be absorbed by one of the great story tellers of our time. Her books grab you on the first page and don't turn you loose."
"Gave five stars and would have given more if available ... this was a very cute, sweet and beautiful love story between the two adults, but also the story of love for the five kids! I .started off laughing and crying and as I kept reading I kept laughing and crying ... to me this is the kind of book I like to read ... it helps me to feel better about life!!"
"This was such an unexpected pleasure. I picked it up and spent most of my night glued to the pages. What a wonderful assemblage of characters! A cantankerous pilot, 5 orphans and their prickly caretaker. The book abounds with adventure, romance and great dialogue."

About the Author
An award-winning author, Jackie Weger has been writing romance novels off and on for thirty years. When she's writing, she's anchored in a tiny room with a desk, a chair and a cat. When not writing, blogging or chatting with fans, she's traipsing around the Internet searching for recipes, but much prefers to travel the good earth by foot, bus, canoe, sloop, mule, train, plane or pickup - and let somebody else do the cooking.