Friday, May 1, 2015

"Death and Jelly" by Cara Doll

Death and Jelly
by Cara Doll

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Violett wasn't good at meeting people. Then she met him. Markus wasn't good at not killing people. Then he met her.
Habitual bizarre behavior brings fifteen-year-old Violett Pauler into the world of famous painter (and probable serial killer) Markus Tobler. After casually tossing her despised instrument into the river, Violett falls in step with a man claiming to be a friend of her beloved music tutor, Gian. The encounter is brief, but stirring - even though, seconds after the man disappears into a paint shop, Violett can’t seem to remember his face.

Mission accomplished, she stepped away from the rail and inadvertently began to walk alongside the only other person on the path. Not knowing if he had seen what she had done, or cared, she kept her head down and pretended not to notice that every one of her steps matched his.
After several seconds of wishing she could either speed up or slow down without coming across as rude, nature solved her problem by tossing a stick into her path, which she precisely tripped over. The momentum was enough to get her a few steps ahead of the man, but the time she took to shake the stick out of her bootlaces put the pair of travelers right back in sync.
A strong, calm voice sifted out of the man beside her. “Thanks for that,” he said. “I thought this day would have no distinguishing factor.”
Her practice had paid off, for she was able to keep a straight face despite her total embarrassment. Violett did, however, let a small sound escape her. “Mm.”
The chuckle that bounced back at her was sedate, honest, and it breezed through her before doubling back and burrowing into her chest. Very few sounds had ever done that to her and usually the source was someone long dead. Never from something personally tangible. It was enough to almost make her look at him. But she caught herself in time.

Praise for the Book
"What attracted me to the book was that it was a mystery. At least that's how I felt it was. Once the story picked up and the plot started thickening, it started becoming hard to put down." ~ Peggy
"Wandering into the imagination of writer Cara Doll is always worth the price of admission. You could call Death and Jelly a mystery, a supernatural thriller, a coming of age tale or a romance. But I call it a great read. Doll skillfully weaves magic and suspense into a tale that also explores the awkward and sometimes brutal path of adolescence. And she makes that journey easier for readers by sharing her wonderful wit. I look forward to seeing where she takes us next." ~ Brenda Moseley
"I really enjoyed this book. I couldn't put it down. I am going to look for more by this author. Enjoy it!" ~ Christine Dixon
"Death and Jelly is unforgettable. I loved it! Can't wait to get scars and feathers. Great writing." ~ Dana Agmon
"Wow. This was such a great story. I loved the characters. Their dialogues made me laugh a lot. The story’s plot actually went somewhere and the ending was awesome! I started reading the book with low expectations but it totally pulled me in! Overall, this was an engaging story with intriguing characters and quirky dialogue. Love, love, loved it!" ~ Book Whizz

My Review

By Lynda Dickson
Every woman Markus comes into contact with, dies inexplicably. His only friends are Bach and Gian, the tutor of the awkward sixteen-year-old Violett. Markus becomes obsessed with Violett but spends his time actively avoiding her, as he doesn't wish any harm to come to her. But then, they finally meet ...
As Violett says about Markus, she is "already in love with his style of explanation ... ". Well, that's how I feel about this author's writing. The writing is beautiful, whimsical, funny, and heartbreaking. It is full of dark humor and longing, and reminds us of those intense feelings of first love.
The paranormal element surprised me but, at that point, I already loved the story and the characters so much that I didn't care. And the ending ... Why did it end like that? Why didn't anyone tell me there is another book after this one? As much as I hate cliffhangers, I still have to give this book 5 stars.
My top pick of the year so far. Absolutely delightful.

About the Author
Cara Doll lives in Austin, Texas.

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