Saturday, September 1, 2012

Someone Has to Pay and Death by Licence by Joe McCoubrey

Books by Joe McCoubrey

Before you read Joe McCoubrey's NEW RELEASE, Absence of Rules, make sure you read the other books in the series.

Someone Has to Pay
by Joe McCoubrey

As the search for peace in Ireland gathers momentum, British counter-terrorism agent, Mike Devon, is handed a chilling mission – put the IRA out of business at any cost.
He assembles an elite undercover squad determined to neutralise the entire IRA leadership. Kidnap, torture and shoot-to-kill tactics are all on Devon’s agenda as he sets about the task with a ruthlessness the IRA has never before had to face.
But the IRA has its own specialist operative. Cold-hearted assassin Fergal McSweeney is brought out of semi-retirement to launch one final murderous campaign against the British establishment.
Before settling for peace both sides are determined to first win the ultimate victory.
Devon and McSweeney had clashed years before in Chicago in an operation that ended the life of the British agent’s girlfriend. Now it has become personal.
The action races from Chicago to London, and from Belfast to Glasgow, before climaxing in a final bloody showdown in the suburbs of Dublin.
When the dust settles who will walk away?
Someone Has To Pay is the debut thriller of Irish writer Joe McCoubrey, a former journalist who worked through the worst of the Irish troubles. His insight and knowledge of the period provides an authentic backdrop for a story as uncompromising as the people and events that shaped the history of a troubled land.

By aro 

I will admit that reading Someone Has To Pay caused me to lose sleep, as I found it very hard to put down. The characters were so well developed I could hear the dialogue with accents! Mike Devon, the main character, was brilliantly written and I found myself worried for his safety and what he would encounter next.

As I traversed the globe with Joe McCoubrey's characters, I was involved with their every move. I cheered Mike Devon and despised his enemies, especially the dreaded Fergul McSweeney. This book took unexpected twists and turns, and Devon, a top counter-terrorism agent, reminded me of Ian Flemming's 007.

The development and implementation of Storm 74 fascinated me. To learn what Storm 74 is, read the book. You will not be disappointed. This book was worth losing sleep over!

Death by Licence
by Joe McCoubrey

Death by Licence features the first assignment for MI6’s newest recruit, Mike Devon, who is out to stop the flow of weapons from a shady London dealer to the IRA in Northern Ireland.
His orders are simple: "Forget all that movie crap about a Licence to Kill. What you've got goes way beyond that. There are no suspects' rights, no rules of evidence, and absolutely no arrest warrants. I'm giving you a licence to do whatever it takes to get the job done."

By DeEtte Anderton

This short story takes place during the Troubles in Northern Ireland in 1979. A well-trained agent is assigned to eliminate the leader of an IRA cell which is operating in London, and is supplying weapons to Belfast. The story continues as the agent pursues his goal and the battle ensues. Joe McCoubrey is an excellent writer, whose own experience as a journalist in Ireland at the time provides authenticity to the story. I enjoyed reading this story, and will be looking forward to his book when it comes out. 

About the Author
Joe McCoubrey is a former Irish newspaper editor who is now a full-time action thriller writer. His first full-time job after leaving college was as a showroom salesman for a car-parts company. At coffee break on the first morning he walked to the nearest cafeteria, and kept on walking - he never went back! At the turn of the seventies he joined the Civil Service based at Stormont, the seat of the Northern Ireland Government, and watched behind the scenes as some of the country's most momentous events unfolded. These were the early dark days of the 'troubles' - events that reverberated around the world, and somehow served to push him towards his real passion of writing. The short action story Death By Licence is his first published work. His debut full-length thriller Someone Has To Pay was released in September 2012.
Joe McCoubrey has lived all his life in the beautiful Irish town of Downpatrick, made famous by its association with the national Patron Saint, St. Patrick.

For further insights read the news article about Joe and his new book.