Sunday, September 30, 2012

Saving Halloween by Lisa Ard

Saving Halloween
by Lisa Ard

When book-smart Anne Parson meets Halloween Spavento, she sees exactly what she wants to see - a friend. Halloween waves away trouble, magically silences school bullies and offers Anne unfailing friendship. But, when the Spavento family's enchanting exploits are exposed, will Anne face her fears and save Halloween?
A spellbinding tale of outcasts who find acceptance, a girl who discovers the true meaning of family, and characters who are not always what they seem.

By Margaret C. Arvanitis
When Anne, tormented by school bullies, finds a new friend, she is welcomed into the Spavento family. Anne finds a family different from her own rigid parents who are involved so much in their own careers leaves her with strict schedules, tutors and house servants. The Spavento family is considered strange by the town folk. When Anne finds out their secret, will the girls' friendship end?
Yes this is a Halloween story, but it is also the story of the struggle teen age girls have to fit in with the norm. Author, Lisa Ard has a great imagination. Well written. It should be in every middle school library.

About the Author
Lisa Ard leads a charmed life in Portland, Oregon, with her husband and two children. Lisa's first book, Fright Flight (Dream Seekers Book 1), received the FlamingNet Top Choice award. Lisa has also written Dream Team (Dream Seekers Book 2), featured in an earlier blog post.
Saving Halloween won a 2012 Kay Snow Writing Award for Young Readers. In addition to writing, she loves visiting schools and hearing from readers. Already she’s presented her fabulous writing workshops to a gazillion young students (okay, maybe that’s an exaggeration, but you can check her website counter for the current number). For school visits, book information, contests, games, puzzles, or just to chat, you may contact Lisa via her website.