Monday, September 24, 2012

Revenge So Sweet by J. A. Cunningham

Revenge So Sweet
by J. A. Cunningham

What would you do if you had awakened from a coma to find out you and your spouse were the victims of a surprise attack? This attack put you in the coma and resulted in the death of your spouse. And now you are haunted by visions of the attack that show it unfold little by little in full detail.
What would you do if you never had to sleep, never had to eat, healed quickly and had unbelievable strength? Would you use that ability to seek revenge?
Morgan K. Wright, a cage fighter known by the name of Kane, is experiencing just that. Follow along in this action packed drama, as he seeks out six members of a local mob that were behind this surprise attack. After taking out these six mob members, aided by his new found abilities, Morgan’s hunger for revenge is not satisfied. He meets up with Krystal, his dead wife Sara’s best friend, in an effort to gain important information. As Krystal is not willing to give up the information freely, she offers Morgan a proposition. Will Morgan accept her proposition? What will Morgan have to do to gain this information he wants? What will Morgan do when he finds out who the sole person responsible for the attack is?
Warning: Reader discretion is advised. The content of this book is not suitable for young readers. This book contains strong language, sexual situations, and strongly depicts acts of violence and rape.

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About the Author

J. A. Cunningham was born and raised in North East Kansas, were he currently lives with his wife and three kids. His love for Science Fiction books has inspired him to share with the world his personal collection of stories stored in his creative mind. Revenge So Sweet is the author's first novel. He has also published the short story Waking up Dead.
Outside of writing he enjoys fixing PC's, drawing, riding motorcycles, programming, reading, and most of all having fun with his family.