Friday, August 31, 2012

Lykaia (The Sophia Katsaros Series) by Sharon Van Orman

Lykaia (The Sophia Katsaros Series)
by Sharon Van Orman

Lykaia, the first book in the Sophia Katsaros Series, was officially released today. It is currently only available in a Kindle Edition, but paperback and audiobook versions will be available soon.

"We are the terrors that hunt the night. And we have never been human."
In Greek mythology there’s a story of King Lykaonas of Arcadia and his fifty sons who were cursed by the father of the gods, Zeus, to become wolves. The very first Lycanthropes.
Forensic pathologist, Sophia Katsaros, receives a cryptic phone call from Greece telling her that her brothers are missing and leaves to search for them. With the help of Illyanna, her brother’s girlfriend, Sophia examines the evidence but cannot accept a bizarre possibility: Has one or both of her brothers been transformed during the Lykaia, the ceremony where Man is said to become Wolf?
Who is Marcus, a dark stranger that both repels and excites her? And what is the real story behind the 5000 year old curse of King Lykaonas?

This is an amazingly well written story. I really enjoy the strong character development and found myself turning the pages late into each night. It is an interesting and fun tale that kept me riveted. I like how the author spun the tale from legend to reality - yep, that's all I'm going to say on this, no spoilers. If you like mythology, horror, suspense, intrigue, and just an all around good story, you'll definitely enjoy this. Buy it... seriously, you will be happy you did. (By J. O'Brien)

About the Author
A tattered copy of Bulfinch’s Mythology inspired a lifetime fascination with the subject. On a research tangent Sharon came across the myth of King Lykaonas who was cursed by Zeus into becoming a wolf. The very first lycanthrope.
Lykaia was written as a flash fiction piece for a writer’s site. The idea took root and demanded to be expanded upon. With that bit of inspiration Sharon entered the National Novel Writers Month contest held in November of 2011. Seven weeks later the book was finished and had blossomed into not only a full length novel, but a series featuring Dr. Sophia Katsaros.
Sharon lives in Nebraska with her family and a collection of animals including ones that were chosen and others that did the choosing. After the birth of her third child she left her job as a commercial risk manager to be a full time mom. In between soccer games, hosting the neighborhood children and taking in stray animals she finds the time to write.