Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Wampus Springs: Mark of the Wolf by Wade Faubert

Wampus Springs: Mark of the Wolf
 by Wade Faubert

This book is aimed at the Young Adult market. It is available from Amazon as a Paperback or Kindle Edition. It is also available to download in a number of different formats from Smashwords.

At sixteen years old, Lori Foster has seen a lifetime of pain and suffering. Four years earlier, she watched as her best friends were savagely mauled to death by a rogue wolf, then barely escaped with her own life. The scar on her neck is a constant reminder of just how lucky she was that stormy day in Wampus Springs.
Four years and hundreds of miles from the attack, Lori still searches every shadow for the return of her tormentor. She finds ordinary life to be a struggle, but when she meets Josh Hughes, things appear to get on track. With her best friend Jessica Tanner and her new love in her life, Lori lets her guard down, but it may be premature. When her menstruation begins, her nights are ravaged with nightmares of the attack. The nightmares seem to be more than a coincidence, they seem to hint at an inevitable confrontation between Lori and the wolf that mauled her four years earlier.

WARNING: Contains spoilers.

By Ally
Loved this book! I read it from cover to cover and loved every moment.
The characters were perfect. Lori and Jessica make a great team. Lori is your typical outcast thanks to the mark of the wolf on her neck. She doesn't feel like she fits in until she meets Josh and feels the first tingles of love. Lori knows deep down inside what is going on, but refuses to acknowledge it. The clues grow stronger as the story unfolds until Lori finally gives in and accepts what she knows is true.
The action keeps going and going right to the final battle between Lori and the wolf, but it is not just an ordinary wolf.
The story places a new twist on the classic Werewolf book, pitting good against evil and kept me cheering for Lori to be the victor in the end. This book ends perfectly, setting up a second novel with a great cast of characters.

About the Author
The author states, "I live in Ingersoll, Ontario and enjoy writing my novels with a link to my area. Wampus Springs is my debut novel and is set in the fictional town of Ridgeway, Ontario. Ridgeway is a combination of all my favorite places I grew up in. It's a collage of Ridgetown, Rondeau park and every other water front paradise Southern Ontario has to offer."
The author's second novel, Taken: Before Her Very Eyes, was released in October 2012. He has also written Pat's Wish, a children's book illustrated by his wife, Alison Faubert.