Thursday, August 16, 2012

Surfing in Stilettos by Carol E. Wyer

Surfing in Stilettos by Carol E. Wyer

Amanda Wilson is all geared up for an exciting gap-year, travelling across Europe. She soon finds her plans thwarted when she is abandoned in France with only a cellarful of Chateau Plonk, a large, orange Space Hopper, and Old Ted, the dog, for company. 
Fate has intervened to turn Amanda's life on its head. First the campervan breaks down. Then her dopey son, Tom, who is staying in their house in the UK, begins wrecking it, one piece at a time. The jaw-dropping video Skype calls that her irrepressible mother insists on making are, by contrast, making Amanda's humdrum trip even less palatable. Finally, she discovers that her new-found, French friend, Bibi Chevalier, had engineered a plan to ensure that her philandering husband would never stray again; unfortunately, Amanda is unwittingly drawn into the scheme, becoming a target. 
Meanwhile, on a beach in Sydney, a lonely Todd Bradshaw realises that his first true love, Amanda Wilson, is definitely the only woman for him. Can he get back into her good books and hopefully back into her arms with his latest plan? Or will fate intervene yet again and turn everyone's lives upside down?

I just completed Carol Wyer's Surfing in Stilettos and I would highly recommend it - only if you are looking for an uplifting and engaging adventure. The characters are very realistic, and I was amazed at Amanda's patience with her husband and son. The book is perfectly written, by which I mean it was easy to see and understand what the author wished without an overabundance of unnecessary description. This would be a good choice for a lively book club discussion. Amanda's mom is a hoot, and I do hope she is featured in the next book. Enjoy! (By coquine)

About the Author

Carol E. Wyer is an award winning author whose humorous novels take a light-hearted look at getting older and encourage others to age disgracefully.
Her best-selling debut novel Mini Skirts and Laughter Lines won five awards including Readers Views Reviewers Choice 2012 Award (category - humour) and was selected as a finalist for both the Next Generation Indie Book Awards and the Indie Excellence Awards 2012.
Surfing in Stilettos, which follows the further adventures of Amanda Wilson as she attempts to inject some fun into her life, is a Costa Award nominee.
Carol recently signed a two book deal with ThornBerry Publishing. She is a featured author who writes regularly for on-line magazines and author websites Indies Unlimited and Famous Five Plus.
For further insight into Carol's work, read the news article by Birmingham Post.