Saturday, August 11, 2012

Doppelganger Experiment by Margaret Millmore

Doppelganger Experiment by Margaret Millmore

Jane woke up to find several things wrong; she was in a hospital, she'd been in a coma for over four weeks, it wasn't 2007 like she last remembered, it was 2010, and she was married to a man she didn't know. Dreams of a mysterious green building infiltrate her sleep, but are they just dreams or are they memories? As she struggles to recapture a life she doesn't remember she discovers clues to a lost love and dangerous experiments that lead to murder. More flashes of memory and a re-acquaintance with an old scientist lead her to an investigation into the mystery of the green building and the discovery of horrific experiments that end in murder... and something worse than murder.
She learns her best friend has betrayed her and the husband she is trying to know and love is not who he says he is. With her trust shattered and her life precariously close to falling apart, she is more dedicated than ever to finding out who is behind the green building and the horrible things that happened there, that happened to her there. The more she learns, the more danger she is in.

By Leslie D. Stuart

Could this really happen? I was captured by this intriguing story. The author has created an extremely believable scenario that toys with the imagination. Psychological manipulation is a fearful war tactic, one I sincerely hope never comes true. I loved reading Jane's point of view, knowing her fears and that nagging knowledge that things are not what they seem that sends her in search of the truth. Go Jane! The science behind this story is frighting. If we could control the mind, erase undesired memories and create a new personality, that power could change the world... but in the wrong hands that power could destroy humanity.
Margaret Millmore is a gifted author. I sincerely enjoyed this thrilling novel and I hope we see more from her soon!

About the Author
A native Californian, Margaret was born in 1968 and raised in the eastern part of Los Angeles County; she moved to San Francisco in 1991. She and her husband currently divide their time between their home in the City and their home in the Sierra Foothills.
The author states, "Reading is an addiction for me, and one I'll never give up. I've had an active imagination since childhood and often made up stories that I only told to myself. After ending a successful career, I found myself with the time to pursue those stories, and the floodgates opened. I love just about every kind of story, but especially fiction, throw in some supernatural or paranormal overtones and I'm in heaven."
Margaret is the grandniece of Irish author Benedict Kiely and the second cousin of Irish author Sharon Owens.
Margaret is the author of Doppelganger Experiment, a psychological thriller (World Castle Publishing September 2011, revised and re-edited in February 2012). Margaret is also the author of The Four series. The first book, The Beginning, was released in August 2012. The second book, The Change, was released in November 2012. The next two books are expected to be released by January 2013.