Monday, January 21, 2013

Absence of Rules (Mike Devon Series) by Joe McCoubrey

Absence of Rules (Mike Devon Series)
by Joe McCoubrey

Before you read Joe McCoubrey's NEW RELEASE, Absence of Rules, make sure you read the blog post on the other books in the series, Someone Has to Pay and Death by Licence. Please note that Absence of Rules is ON SALE for a limited time.

To some people Mike Devon is a highly trained counter-terrorism operative. To others, he's little more than a Government-sanctioned assassin. Either way, Devon always takes the line of least resistance to get the job done, particularly when he's faced with two al-Qaeda leaders preparing to unleash a new terror campaign against America and its European allies. But Devon also has to deal with a sinister Russian oil billionaire, pulling the strings in a determined bid to return to the days of East-West conflict.
Devon has to fight his way through a plot to blow up the Eiffel Tower, and stop the assassination of some of the world's leading businessmen in a roller-coaster ride that becomes highly personal, and threatens the lives of the people he loves most.
The stakes couldn't be higher.

By aro
Another thriller by Joe McCoubrey! This takes place during the "Troubles" of Northern Ireland and brings you along on Mike Devon's journey around the globe to catch the bad guys once again! During this entire book I could feel myself tensing up with anticipation of what would happen to Devon and Doyle during their trek. The characters are strong and very believable.
Just a wonderful read all the way. Dialogue and scenery descriptions are excellent as Joe is a visual writer. When you read this you can almost hear the bullets exploding! I highly recommend this book for those who love the thrill and excitement of CIA type espionage!!!

About the Author
Joe McCoubrey is a former Irish newspaper editor who is now a full-time action thriller writer. His first full-time job after leaving college was as a showroom salesman for a car-parts company. At coffee break on the first morning he walked to the nearest cafeteria, and kept on walking - he never went back! At the turn of the seventies he joined the Civil Service based at Stormont, the seat of the Northern Ireland Government, and watched behind the scenes as some of the country's most momentous events unfolded. These were the early dark days of the 'troubles' - events that reverberated around the world, and somehow served to push him towards his real passion of writing. The short action story Death By Licence was his first published work. His debut full-length thriller Someone Has To Pay was released in September 2012, followed by Absence of Rules in January 2013.
Joe McCoubrey has lived all his life in the beautiful Irish town of Downpatrick, made famous by its association with the national Patron Saint, St. Patrick.