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Betrayed - The Bethany Rosehart Story by Wade Faubert


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Betrayed - The Bethany Rosehart Story
by Wade Faubert

To say life gave Bethany Rosehart lemons would be an understatement.
With her father soon to be released from prison and her mother showing signs of a mental breakdown, Bethany could only wish she was adopted. But when a strange man chases Bethany into a deserted parking garage, her mind can only conceive the worst, but when he calls her by a different name and hands her a birthday gift from her mother, she begins to think her wish may be coming true…
But not all wishes have happy endings.

Robert Knight quickly pulled the car to the curb and fumbled through the photos he meticulously took of his next subject. The girl reminded him of his own daughter with her shoulder-length blond hair and petite figure. However, the one thing that stuck in Robert’s mind was her smile. In every picture she had a big grin on her face, one that caused both her cheeks to break into dimples. Robert traced his finger over the picture and wondered how one person could be so happy. Happiness was something that seemed to elude his life. He was content with the sorrow and misery that each day brought with it.
Robert had done similar jobs before, but this one had the potential to blow up in his face.
Momentarily he wondered what would've become of his own daughter if only she’d never set foot in that car. The memory brought with it tears of grief, which he quickly packed away. After all, he had a job to do, one he’d failed the previous day.
As the school bell rang, Robert glanced at his watch then packed the pictures away. He checked the contents of the bag beside and quickly ran through his list.

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About the Author

Wade Faubert states, "I live in Ingersoll, Ontario and enjoy writing my novels with a link to my area. Wampus Springs, my debut novel, is set in the fictional town of Ridgeway, Ontario. Ridgeway is a combination of all my favorite places I grew up in. It's a collage of Ridgetown, Rondeau park and every other water front paradise Southern Ontario has to offer."
Wades' second novel, Taken: Before Her Very Eyes, was released in October 2012. His latest book, Betrayed - The Bethany Rosehart Story, was released in December 2012.