Sunday, August 4, 2013

This Week on Books Direct - 4 August 2013

This Week on Books Direct - 4 August 2013

Here's a list of the articles you may have missed this week:

"Homeschooling" - Brought to you by Bundle of the Week.
This week's bundle is packed full of resources for homeschoolers, including five ebooks plus two special bonus offers. With your purchase, you'll get tips for developing curriculum and teaching specific subjects, printables for you and your students, and encouragement for the school year for only $7.40, a discount of more than 80%!

Very often, writing appears from intuition, burning the desire to write even though you don’t know what to say yet. That explosion that originates creativity is a mystery, an impulse that takes place outside the language at that moment when poems and tales are born. It also unleashes a powerful force: the creative impulse.

Ever been overwhelmed by the enormity of your writing? By the sheer scale of the task? The answer's in the planning.

I think I would have to put White Chalk by Pavarti K Tyler in this category as well. I actually love these kinds of books because they evoke such an emotional response. I know I'm not an impressionable teenager, and I would probably be worried if this was all my teenage daughters read. But I think a little bit of what I would prefer to call "reality fiction" is actually a good thing. What does everyone else think?

To begin the process of branding, look at your breadth of work and the projects percolating in your mind and think of three to five words you’d want people to say about you when you aren't listening.

Social media marketing is all about perception and reputation. Before posting, consider these four words: Authentic, Receptive, Thankful and Graceful.

How do you tweet about your book without being annoying?

"3 Problems With Branding Your Books Instead of Your Author Name" - Article by Bianca Sloane for The Writer's Shack.
There are several problems with branding your books instead of yourself. Readers establish bonds with the writer, not with the book.

"Free Ways to Check Your Ebook Format" - Article by Nancy J Price for Publishing Resource Guide.
Although you can check your ebook formatting is correct after you upload it for publishing, it’s a lot simpler to make sure it’s all set up correctly before pressing that submit button.

"Email Marketing From Your Desktop" - Article by Indie Writers Support.
Email marketing is thus far the most important skill that every independent writers should acquire. Learn one of the simplest aspects of email marketing, using Google.

One of the hardest things writers face – even if everything else is on par – is that last detail of the art; the style. The actual choice of words.

During the nineteenth century the biggest change came with the way writers published.

"Encourage a Love of Reading in Your Child" - Article by Book Review Buz.
Writing and reading go together – both are ways to communicate information or tell stories. Writing also helps your child understand that written words represent ideas, places and events.

"Henry Miller's 11 Commandments of Writing & Daily Creative Routine"  - Article by Maria Popova for Brain Pickings.
Writing advice from the iconic writer and painter Henry Miller.