Thursday, August 22, 2013

"Malena's Kiss" by Paul DiPersio

Malena's Kiss
by Paul DiPersio

I came across Malena's Kiss as a member of the Paranormal and Horror Lovers group on Goodreads. You can read my review below.

James Francis just inherited a house from his crazy Aunt Margaret; a towering, dilapidated, 18th century New England Colonial … in some creepy backwoods town called Cutler Hollow.
Deep in the belly of an old backyard leach pit he uncovers a rusty iron chest, sealed with a lock, bound in chains, and inscribed with bizarre Celtic symbols.
He raises the chest with dreams of gold coins, precious jewels, and sterling silverware.
And unleashes Cutler Hollow's darkest secret ... Malena.

I thought I heard her bare feet pat across the floor, thought I caught her sweet scent in the darkness.
I thought it was just a pleasant dream.
And then she climbed right on top of me, straddled me naked, and bent down to taste my lips. I couldn’t see her face in the darkness. Her hot breath caressed my cheek. Her nipples brushed my chest. She ran her tongue over my chin, sucked on it lightly.
Her fingernails dug into my shoulders. Her warm thighs gripped my hips. I inhaled her sweet scent, tried to reach up and touch her, but she stopped me, pinned my hand to the couch. She settled onto my lap, her fingertips lightly crawling up my neck.
I looked up and saw her violet eyes glowing in the darkness. Hovering above me, boiling hot, changing color. They smoldered to richer shades of violet, becoming deeper and darker until the irises went black.
Then she hunched forward, took my face in her hands, and pressed her lips to my mouth.
She breathed into me - one, deep, scorching, breath ... and then slowly sucked all the air from my lungs.
My chest tightened. My fingers and toes tingled. I felt the warmth leaving my body, felt the cold spreading through my veins.
Her warm saliva was thick, syrupy, honey-sweet.
I tried to sit up, and her hands pushed me back into the cushions. Locking her lips tightly over mine, she dug her nails into my chest, held me down, and scorched my throat with another deep breath.
And sucked the air from my lungs, much deeper this time; so deep, so long, I felt it pull on my belly, tug on my crotch.
I couldn’t feel my arms or my legs. I was floating up off the couch, drifting away, weightless.
Just when my vision tunneled, when my hearing started to fade, when I felt myself drifting off into oblivion, she released my mouth.
I gasped for breath.
Her smoldering violet eyes searched my face. They moved close, the tip of her nose touching mine. She blinked once, her eyes cooled to a shade of blue, then slowly faded into the darkness.
I felt her fingers caress my cheek. Her thumb traced my eyebrow. Her lips placed a burning kiss on my forehead.
And she was gone.
I thought I heard her bare feet patter up the stairway.
Was it a dream?
I tried to sit up. I couldn’t lift my head. I was frozen. Paralyzed. As helpless as a shell-shocked rabbit.
I tried to speak. It came out a strained whisper, “What the fu...?”


By Lynda Dickson
Jim Francis inherits an old house from his aunt. He later discovers this house has a checkered history and has been built on an old Indian burial ground. During renovations designed to prepare the house for sale, Jim finds a ancient chest in the septic tank. Upon opening it, Jim discovers a mysterious young woman with violet eyes, and a Celtic cross bearing the inscription, "To my Malena, with love." But what happens when this beautiful woman kisses you?
The author has a great writing style which flows easily and keeps you reading. This story is spooky, atmospheric, and humorous. However, at times I wasn't sure if it was meant to be funny, and some of the scenes are quite absurd, drawing on references from West Side Story. In addition, I didn't find the conclusion to be very satisfying.
There were numerous editing errors, mainly involving the incorrect use of words, apostrophes, capital letters, commas, and italics.
Warnings: Coarse language, sexual references, drug references, violence.

About the Author
Paul DiPersio is a Registered Nurse, and a freelance writer with a degree in Political Science from Villanova University. He lives in Massachusetts with his wife, stepdaughter, and a cat named Monkey. Many of his stories take place in the mysterious fictional towns of Cutler Hollow and its seaside neighbor Fairfield Heights.
Paul is the author of My Brother Pete and Malena's Kiss.