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This Week on Books Direct - 25 August 2013

This Week on Books Direct - 25 August 2013

Here's a list of the articles you may have missed this week:

"Christian Marriage" - Brought to you by Bundle of the Week.
Spice up your love life — in the bedroom and out — with this week's ebook bundle, which includes 5 faith-based ebooks for married couples. With ideas for rekindling romance, being the best spouse you can be and improving your sex life, this collection is a fun way to rediscover the spark and prioritize romance in the midst of your busy lives. Get all five of these ebooks for more than 65% off this week only!

Writing and publishing a blog can be a great way for writers to connect with readers. Blogging opens the lines of communication between a writer and his/her audience. And in that way, it can be a powerful marketing tool. But while writers can use their blogs as a way to get their names out there, certain practices are taboo in the blogosphere. If you’re using your blog solely to market, promote, and boast, you’ll lose fans quickly.

"What Do You Capitalize in Titles?" - Article by Geraldine Woods for For Dummies.
How do you decide what to capitalize in the title of your book or research paper? Well, you have to be able to recognize verbs and nouns when you see them, but even so, the English rules about using capital letters in titles are not difficult to follow.

If you're daunted by the complexity of what you have to write – be it non-fiction or the complexities of a novel with its character arcs, plot, dialogue, need for pacing and so forth, try writing by layers.

"How to Slash Your Work Count by 20-50%" - Article by Jodie Renner for Killer Nashville.
Every word needs to count. Every image and decision and action and reaction needs to drive the story forward. There's no place for rambling or waxing eloquent or self-indulgent preening in today's popular fiction. So, how do you do it?

"Marketing: The Tough Part" - Article by Kathryn Elizabeth Jones.
A lovely write up from Kathryn about the Books Direct blog following my blog post about her book. Thanks, Kathryn!

"5 Ways to Limit Your Character's Options - and Make Your Story Better" - Article by Mooderino for Helping Writers Become Authors.
Given a predicament, a character in a story will have a number of options on how to proceed. As in real life, some of those options will be more sensible than others.

"How to Write a Short Story" - Article by Rachelle Arlin Credo for Writing.Com.
How do we write a great short story? What are the things to keep in mind in order to come up with a short story that works? Here's a quick guide to get you started:

"Tips For Marketing And Selling Your Self Published Books" - Article by Sebastian Gourc for A Book.
Whether you've just published a book or have a book that isn't selling, now is the time to get to it; start marketing today! Your book selling, book marketing, and book promotion planning should begin before the manuscript is completed.

"Self-Publishing an Ebook" - Article by Dave Skinner for Creating the Core.
One author's hints on self-publishing.

"Story Structure: A Lost Art?" - Article by Nick Thacker  for WriteHacked.
If you've written anything of length, you no doubt understand the debate between "planners" and "pantsers". Whatever side you're on, there's an important lesson here. Story structure is still vital to the story.

"Indie Authors: How To Use Story to Sell Story" - Article by The Alliance of Independent Authors.
What if you could promote your books simply by telling stories? It seems like a natural fit – you’re a storyteller, after all. That was the concept that got Kathy Meis thinking and brought her to create Bublish.