Sunday, December 6, 2015

"Aaliyah P. Visits Santa" by Lucinda Weeks

Aaliyah P. Visits Santa
(The Little Adventures of Aaliyah P. Book 2)
by Lucinda Weeks

Aaliyah P. Visits Santa is the second book in The Little Adventures of Aaliyah P. children's book series by Lucinda Weeks, suitable for children 0 to 8. Also available: Aaliyah P. is Born! (read my blog post). Coming soon: Aaliyah P. Celebrates the New Year.

The following books for adults are also by this author: The Adulteress (read my blog post), Veronica (read my blog post), and Mary's Christmas Story (read my blog post).

In book two Aaliyah P. is a little older now. Aunt Summer has promised Old Grandma Cindy to take Aaliyah P. to the mall to see Santa before the mall closes on Christmas Eve. When the girls get to the mall Aunt Summer becomes distracted when she discovers that all the stores are having last minute clearance sales. Poor little Aaliyah P. is worried she won’t get to see Santa before the mall closes. Will Aaliyah P. get to Santa on time? Find out in this fun filled new book.
Aaliyah P. Visits Santa, the second book in The Little Adventures of Aaliyah P. has been released just in time for Christmas. This would make the perfect stocking stuffer for every child on your Christmas list.

It was one o'clock on Christmas Eve. Aunt Summer had promised Old Grandma Cindy to Take Aaliyah P. to the mall to see Santa, before he left for the season.
Aaliyah P. knew there would be trouble when ...

About the Author
Lucinda Weeks continues writing in her unique style of Hodge Podge picture books. She has combined fiverr illustrations with stock photos in a new and ingenious way. She is hoping the concept of Hodge Podge picture books catches on with prospective new children’s authors on a budget. She hopes that no prospective authors will be held back from realizing their dreams of becoming a children’s picture book author due to lack of finances.
Lucinda Weeks is also the author of the Women Who Met Jesus book series. This exciting series is a fictionalized account of women from the New Testament whose lives were changed when they encountered Jesus. Lucinda has just released the third title in this series, Mary’s Christmas Story. This beautiful story is a fictional account of Mary the mother of Jesus told according to Protestant belief. This story, along with the others in the Women Who Met Jesus series, is a beautiful reflection of God’s love for all humanity. You can find out more about Lucinda and her books on Amazon.