Saturday, December 19, 2015

"Demons" by Ednah Walters

A Runes Companion Novel
(Eirik Book 1)
by Ednah Walters

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Demons continues the Runes series by USA Today bestselling author Ednah Walters. What happened to Eirik after he left his friends on Earth and went to Hel?
Eirik Baldurson - son of Baldur, God of Light - failed living as a Mortal. He lost the girl of his dreams and nearly got his friends killed. Now, he’s gone to the underworld to meet the mother he’s never known. Torn between his duty to her and the man he used to be, Eirik struggles to find himself, until a witch appears in his world. Feisty and stubborn, she is a reminder of everything good he left behind.
Celestia Devereaux proudly attends a charter high school for "gifted" teenagers who embrace magic. Witches. However, she keeps a terrible secret - a prediction that she would one day be responsible for massive destruction and death. Though Celestia uses her clairvoyant abilities to help people, she worries that it is just a matter of time before she goes over to the dark side.
Her world changes when she unexpectedly astral projects to a place she didn’t believe existed and meets a tortured man who needs her help. Will helping him cause her fears to come true, or will he sacrifice everything to save her?

Book Video

“You were shivering and your teeth were chattering. Then it just stopped. Even Genevieve said she’d never seen anyone recover that quickly. Where did you go?”
“I don’t know. There was a man.”
“Man? What man?” Dad barked. He was so overprotective and saw red flags whenever I mentioned guys.
“Richard,” Tammy warned. She’d come into the room without me noticing.
“The guy I’m talking about, his mother is keeping him a prisoner in a dungeon. He’s young, like he could be in college. He’s scared and alone.” Anger crept in, but I pushed it down. I needed to focus on the vision before I lost it.
Dad picked up the notebook and pen. He knew the drill because this was the story of our lives. I got visions, called him, and gave him information, which his department investigated. Sometimes, the cops arrived in the nick of time and saved a life, but other times, when I saw what had already happened, I helped them solve a crime instead. Dad liked to say he would not have made chief without my help. I might have added to his stellar performance as a detective, but his relationship with the people of our town, magical or normal, had put him in the chief’s chair.

Praise for the Book
"Ednah just keeps getting better. Demons is one hell of a ride!" ~ Karen Lynch, USA Today Bestselling Author of the Relentless series
"A beautiful addition to an already mesmerizing world. Be ready to obsess over a new book boyfriend!" ~ Melissa Haag, International Bestselling Author of Judgement of Six and Beastly
"Walters weaves a mystical tapestry of adventure steeped in Norse mythology. A wild ride that you won’t want to end, Demons will ensnare you mind body and soul." ~ Ashley Kemp, Mama Reads Hazel Reads Blog
"An epic adventure, a swoon-worthy hero, an unexpected romance… Walters never fails to deliver and always leaves me wanting more." ~ Karen Metkalf, My Bookbag Blog
"Echo who?? Erase EVERYTHING you think you know about Eirik, because it’s DEAD wrong. This book is the best of the series, BUY IT, DEVOUR IT, AND FANGIRL OVER IT! I’ll be right here with you!" ~ Tracy Vincent, Textual Love Blog
"Ednah always, always grabs me, throws me mercilessly into her universes, and keeps me fully enthralled until the book ends. And then I’m left wanting more." ~ Sara Meadows, Bookcrush Blog

About the Author
Ednah Walters holds a PHD in Chemistry and is a stay-at-home mother of five. She is also a USA Today bestselling author. She writes about flawed heroes and the women who love them.
Her award-winning, International bestselling YA Paranormal Romance, Runes series started with Runes (FREE) and has a total of 6 books in this series. The latest, Witches, released in March 2015 and her most recent addition Demons: A Runes Companion Novel (Eirik Book 1), the story of Raines best friend and former crush Eirik Seville, released on 15 December 2015. And her international bestselling Guardian Legacy series that started with Awakened (FREE) and has a total of 4 books in this series. The latest Forgotten, released in June 2015 (which focuses on the Nephilim, children of the fallen angels.
She also writes Contemporary Romance as E. B. Walters - from The Fitzgerald Family series that started with Slow Burn (she has a total of six books in this series) to her new series Infinitus Billionaire: Impulse (FREE) published was in January 2015, Indulge released in August 2015, and Intrigue to be released early 2016. Whether she’s writing about Valkyries, Norns, and Grimnirs, or Guardians, Demons, and Archangels to her love, family, and friendship play crucial roles in all her books.

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