Sunday, December 20, 2015

"Zwoosh!" by Marie Rose

by Marie Rose

Zwoosh! (available as a paperback, ebook, audiobook, or app) is suitable for children ages 3 to 10. This promotion is brought to you by Words Turn Me On.

Fly to the stars in your very own rocket ship. Wave at the mean, green Martians. Picnic with Moon Men. Play tag with the comets. Win a blue ribbon space race. Just before your bedtime. Inspired by the palette of Vincent van Gogh, let’s go on a colorful space journey as we explore the colors and planets in our solar system through the power and wonder of a child’s whimsical imagination. eBook now available with pop-up text feature!

Book Video

Praise for the Book
"Zwoosh! is a fun children's book about a little boy that goes on adventures in his rainbow rocket ship. My boys and I all enjoyed this story. Their favorite parts were the moon men and the space race." ~ Jennifer
"Susan Lee’s brilliant illustrations capture the wonder and amazement of space travel as vividly described by author Marie Rose. Boys and girls with active imaginations will love all the places Zwoosh! takes them." ~ Peggy Tibbetts
"This is a great book to read with your children, it fun and imaginative. I love how descriptive the author is as she describes each of the colors of the rainbow." ~ Jan Farnworth
"What a great little book! Filled with color, and movement, and creativity, this book will reinforce many lessons being learned at the K-2 grade level." ~ Dayzymom
"It was incredibly well done and cute if I can say. I think it is imaginative for children and very good at association for them since it associate colors to other things." ~ Joselyn

The App
Indie Rose Books for Kids has released an iOS interactive storybook iPad app of Marie Rose's CLEL-nominated children's picture book, Zwoosh!
The new app is a fun, imaginative companion for the Zwoosh! Kindle, paperback, and Audible editions of the story (all 5 star reviews on Amazon, Audible, and GoodReads).
You and your little space cadets will be "Go" for bedtime or playtime as you enjoy the charming interactive animations and sound effects inside each traditionally painted, oil-on-canvas page illustrated by Susan Lee of Art On Its Side.
The tale is narrated page by page by Marie Rose with the original background score, "Rocketman Rhapsody" composed and performed by Chris Chamberlain.

App Video

Praise for the App
"Bedtime is fun-time again with this iOS for iPad version of this children's picture book about a child's whimsical flight through our solar system. A unique blend of educational and fantasy, boys and girls both will relate to the child’s hero journey to explore the planets and colors of our solar system. They'll delight in hunting for the two or three or more interactive surprise animations and sound F/X triggers on each page that are buried in the touchscreen for their little fingers to discover. This hand-crafted interactive storybook app is for younger kids but wows even the adults with lush traditional oil-on-canvas illustrations done in the van Gogh style a la 'The Starry Night'. The narration is an ideal tone for bedtime and is accompanied with a catchy 'space age' sounding soundtrack. Your family will enjoy this app over and over again through many bedtimes and play times yet to come." ~ JackSek
"Zwoosh! is visually SUPER appealing with every inch of the screen/page beautifully covered with rich color and texture. Along with a constant outer-spacey-sounding soundtrack, this interactive book app is fun, but it is soothing and not stimulating for those who are okay with electronics at bedtime. Author Marie Rose is also the narrator, and her pace and tone are just perfect." ~ Kristine Hall

About the Author
Marie Rose holds a Master of Arts degree in Theater from The University of Texas at El Paso. She's taught children's theater, is published in children's and women's literature, and is a commercial voice over artist who specializes in audiobook narration. Marie is the owner of Indie Rose Books for Kids. When she’s not busy daydreaming about the places a child’s imagination can go Marie is also an award-winning screenwriter, director, and film producer in Los Angeles, California.