Sunday, January 18, 2015

"The Continuing Journeys of a Different Necromancer" by James Crofoot

The Continuing Journeys of a Different Necromancer
(The Locked Door Series Book 2)
by James J. Crofoot

The Continuing Journeys of a Different Necromancer is the second book in The Locked Door Series. Also available: The Journeys of a Different Necromancer and The Extended Journeys of a Different Necromancer (available for pre-order).

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Thomas now views his magic as less than good, but he must raise one more army. This one not of his creation though. For the first time he learns fear of the undead. More than ever, he longs to see the waters of the great sea to the west. Will he find peace there? Will Christina and he find a home with the people of the shores? Maybe. But, maybe he'll have to fight magic darker than his own to keep his new home.
Maybe he'll have to fight magic so dark that even a half demon witch fears it and must help.

A dozen tiny hands grabbed her by the hair and jerked her off the seat and across the giving sand. He dove for her feet, but only his fingertips touched her. Scrambling to his feet he chased her into the dark, but his name, coming to him in screams, faded quickly into the distance. He fell to all fours crying out her name in breathless sobs.
The sun shone bright in the clear, blue, noonday sky. The surf broke on the yellow-brown sand of the beach. He felt as if he had just awakened from a long, deep sleep. Only a dream, only a dream.'He sat up and wrapped his knees to his chest with his arms.
A low moan came from behind him and made him turn.
There, held with arms outstretched by tiny, grey-skinned hands against the rocks of the cliffside, was Christina. Jagged metal fishing barbs protruded from every inch of her naked body, with strings dangling from them. A small pudgy grey-skinned thing sat on her head holding two strings attached to barbs pulling her eyelids open so he could see the pain-filled pleading.
Another little pudgy creature's head emerged from the rocks beside her, and giggled a high-pitched laugh that reminded him of an insane child. With one of its small hands, it grabbed a string and pulled down.
His Chris opened her mouth to scream, but another of the hands formed into a fist and punched it down her throat. Tears rolled down her cheeks and sobs racked her body.
He tried to run to her, but couldn't move. Looking down, he saw the same hands latched onto his clothes, he felt them stretching his mouth and pulling his hair. With that same insane giggling, they pulled him back and out over the water. Further and further out, until the land became a haze on the edge of his vision. Shadows swam below him, just under the surface, waiting for the hands to drop him into their deep terrifying home. One of them looked around to put its white-eyed face in his. With its razor sharp teeth, it bit savagely into his nose. He screamed and they let him fall. For an impossibly long time the water grew closer. He screamed more as the shadows below gathered for his plunge into what he somehow knew to be an icy death.

Praise for the Book
"This book was as good as the first if a tad short [...] recommended for fans of magical adventure with a darker story than most." ~ sam highett
"Once again I am amazed at the story of Thomas, the not so ordinary necromancer, and his continuing journey with his army. I especially liked that I was able to read this easily and that the author made it a bit longer length than the first one. I am not dissatisfied with the turnaround of the story." ~ maria gonzales
"It is refreshing to find a new author with such talent. I hope to hear a lot more from James. He has totally captured me with his style of writing." ~ margaret spencer
"I so enjoyed The Continuing Journey of a Different Necromancer! [...] I know that if you are a fan of the fantasy genre then you will love love love this book as I did. Go ahead, give it a shot, you will not be disappointed." ~ Toni Michelle
"This was truly a great piece of literature. I found it very gripping and entertaining, I would recommend this book for all age groups." ~ JesseK

About the Author
James J. Crofoot has travelled on sea and land, managing to get two degrees and has attended Gotham Writing Workshop. Through it all writing remained his first love. Now he is publishing his work for your enjoyment. The Continuing Journeys of a Different Necromancer is the sequel to The Journeys of a Different Necromancer. He has also appeared in Silverblade Magazine.