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"How I Fall" and "How I Fly" by Anne Eliot

How I Fall and How I Fly
by Anne Eliot

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How I Fall
by Anne Eliot

Impossible because she’s Ellen Foster. The beautiful, smart, and possibly fragile photography-girl. You’re Cam Campbell. The guy who plays football 24/7 with no life. But what if during junior year, you decide to finally try for her phone number - until this glitter-crazed new girl ruins your plan. Worse, the girl is Irish, awkward, and insists you and Ellen should become best friends - with her! Only, you don’t want to be friends with a human tornado, and you think Ellen might need to stay a crush. This is because after one interaction you’ve discovered Ellen Foster really is fragile. Your problems and secrets are too big for anyone to understand.
But what if the three of you wind up assigned to a group photography project, where rumors are already circling about the new girl being ridiculous? You know she’s nice but very alone, so you convince your crush to help protect the new girl. Suddenly, working on the project makes hanging out, texting, talking - and even high school - seem fun and completely normal when it’s anything but normal.
What if you kiss Ellen Foster and it’s perfect enough to make you believe in things you shouldn’t. You tell her secrets and share your dreams. You make the kinds of promises and create plans to be together that might be impossible to keep when you’re only sixteen and your parents control your entire future, but… WHAT IF YOU HURT HER?
Editorial Description:
How I Fall, is the first book a two book series, ending with: How I Fly. It can be a stand-alone story, but it’s recommended this book be first. The series is about friendship, boyfriends, taking risks and first love. There’s a photographer heroine who has left-sided cerebral palsy - she falls for a football jock with problems of his own.

Praise for the Book
"How I Fall captures exactly how a high school crush feels. You can have endless long days - days that feel exactly the same - and then in one moment a little thing changes, a conversation finally happens, and suddenly there’s a new friend group formed where relationships are suddenly 'on'! I loved this book (How I Fall) and I’ve already read the sequel, How I Fly as ARC. You will laugh, you will cry and you will fall so in love with Ellen and Cam’s story." ~ Becca H. Teen book blogger
"Anne Eliot writes the sweetest first kisses. She also does those book boyfriends you can’t get out of your head. Cam Campbell in How I Fall doesn’t disappoint, nor does the awesome first kiss." ~ Judith, I Love YA Fiction, Blog

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How I Fly
by Anne Eliot

Over six months after an accident that broke her legs as well as removed her boyfriend from her life - because Cam Campbell left town and dumped her - high school senior, Ellen Foster, wants to move past her broken heart. She’s off to attend a summer photography workshop at a real university along with her best friends. Ellen’s determined to find a new love - or at least a summer boyfriend. In the dorm, she meets Harrison Shaw. He’s a handsome photography student, a charmer who likes her, and a perfect way to forget her past.
Ellen thinks she has everything she wants. Her summer program couldn’t be better. She’s half in love with Harrison Shaw, and she’s going after her next scholarship. But when she kisses Harrison, she can only remember how Cam Campbell used kiss her better, sweeter, and how he used to make her feel like she could fly…
When Cam shows up at the university it’s a shock, especially to Ellen’s new boyfriend. Cam’s distant, different and very afraid to hurt Ellen again. He asks Ellen if they could be friends despite the past and how they’ve both changed and Ellen agrees. But after all they’ve been through, can Cam and Ellen ever be just friends?
Editorial Description:
How I Fly, is the second book in the two-book, bestselling, high school romance series that begins with, How I Fall. Though they can be read as stand-alone stories, it is recommended that readers read this book second. The series is about friendship, boyfriends, taking risks and first love. There’s a photographer heroine who has left-sided cerebral palsy (hemiparesis) that makes her weak on one side and she falls often; all while she’s falling deeply in love with football jock, Cam Campbell. He’s a guy who also dreams to be a photographer like Ellen Foster. But his football life and his parents are out of control. Above all, are they meant to be?

Praise for the Book
"This series is a must-read for teens and YA-loving adults. Anne Eliot is the queen sweet, clean, YA romances, and she did not disappoint with this book. We get to see Ellen’s continued struggles and triumphs in regards to her disability (cerebral palsy) and her life and love experiences. I loved this group of kids so much in Book 1, and that didn’t change in Book 2. Ellen and Cam are two great kids fighting the odds, and Laura and Patrick are the fiercest friends on the planet. Another job well done, Ms. Eliot! I highly recommend this book, and I look forward to whatever it is this author may write next." ~ Jecca Reads-a-Lot
"After the first book in the this two-part series left us at a huge cliff I spent a lot of time going over the book in my mind and waiting impatiently for this second part to be released. And I have to say that I'm not disappointed now that it's here and I've finished it. Once again Anne Eliot has given us a book that I find absolutely delightful!" ~ Linnéa W.
"Oh my god. I don't know where to begin. I have read all of Anne Eliot's books, and the How I Fall series are some of my favorites. This book picks up exactly where the first book ends, and it's beautifully heartwrenching. The characters become much more developed, and you can really bond with their struggles. I cried 3 times reading this book from emotions, and just all of the emotions. I would recommend this book to anyone." ~ Becca Huerta
"I truly love this series by Anne Eliot. It is so refreshing seeing a book that doesn't capitalize on sex to show a love story. This is a book that I could safely give to my 13 year old niece to read and know that she will see that simple kisses will tell a lot in a love story. I was hooked on this series from book 1. Anne Eliot totally killed me after reading How I Fall because I was hoping for a true HEA. She didn't disappoint when she wrote How I Fly. [...] This is one book that could be read and enjoyed by any age." ~ Lisa A. Markson

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About the Author
Anne Eliot is the author of the, How I Fall/How I Fly two book series, and bestselling, young adult teen issue romances, Almost and Unmaking Hunter Kennedy. She loves writing about teens who live outside the ordinary and she’s devoted to stories about teens who live outside the ordinary but who also get to find sweet first kisses and first loves.
Anne resides in Colorado with a very patient husband, two teens of her own whom she adores (an some teens near and far thanks to hosting many exchange students) who are all growing up too fast.

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