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"The Cats that Played the Market" by Karen Anne Golden

The Cats that Played the Market
(The Cats that ... Cozy Mystery Book 4)
by Karen Anne Golden

The Cats that Played the Market is the fourth book in The Cats that ... Cozy Mystery Series. Also available: The Cats that Surfed the Web, The Cats that Chased the Storm, and The Cats that Told a Fortune.

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They’re back!  Scout, Abra, Iris, Lilac and Abby - the cats you’ve grown to love - are once again caught up in intrigue and mayhem.
A blizzard blows into Indiana, bringing gifts, gala events, and a ghastly murder to heiress Katherine “Katz” Kendall. It’s Katherine’s birthday, and she gets more than she bargains for when Colleen and her mum visit the Victorian mansion to celebrate. Handsome boyfriend Jake adds to the joys of the season.
After all hell breaks loose at the Erie Museum’s opening, Katherine and her five cats unwittingly stumble upon clues that help solve a mystery. But has Scout lost her special abilities? Or will Katz find that another one of her amazing felines is a super-sleuth? With the cats providing clues, it’s up to Katherine and her friends to piece together the murderous puzzle ... before the town goes bust!

Late December
Katherine ran to her car, opened the door, and jumped in. Nervously fumbling with the clasp on her crossover bag, she extracted her cell and called Jake. “I’ve got an emergency,” she said breathlessly. “Chief London wants me out of town.”
“Why?” Jake asked in disbelief.
Katherine turned the ignition, floored the accelerator, and peeled out on Main Street. “I’m heading to the pink mansion now. I don’t have time to explain.”
“Katz, I’m not far. I’ll meet you there and help corral the cats. We’ll decide later where to go.”
“Colleen’s with Daryl, but her mum’s home. Park in back and use your key to the basement. I’ll see you in a few.”
Driving in front of the house, she was shocked to see a red pickup blocking her parking spot. Surely that’s not the stolen vehicle, she thought.
Quickly getting out of the car, she rushed up the steps to the front porch landing. She was startled when Colleen’s mum opened the door.
“Hello, Katz. I was just headin’ to the kitchen to make a bit of tea,” she slurred.
Katherine took one whiff of Mum’s breath and knew she’d been drinking. “Is everything okay?” she asked worriedly.
“Why do you ask, dear? You look like you’ve been touched by a banshee!”
“Whose truck is that?”
“I’ve been talkin’ a bit of treason with your friend from the library. They’re waitin’ for you in the living room. I’ll fix some tea.”
Katherine took Mum by the arm. “Come with me,” she insisted. She directed her to the stairwell.
Mum resisted. “Whatever ‘tis the matter?”
Katherine said firmly, “Shhh! Lower your voice. Go to your room and lock the door. I only have one friend from the library, and Michelle doesn’t drive a red pickup with out of state plates.”
“Oh, it’s somebody else. I didn’t catch their name. What’s goin’ on?”
“I beg of you. Just do as I ask,” Katherine implored. “When you get to your room, call Colleen and tell her to not come back to the house until she hears from me.”
“In the name of all the saints,” Mum said, as she staggered upstairs.
Katherine sprinted past Mum to her back hallway bedroom. She was alarmed to see the door standing wide-open. She had specifically shut the door so the cats wouldn’t bother Colleen’s mum while she was away.
“Dammit,” she said, surveying the room. The cats were not there. She pulled the Glock out of the gun safe and joined Mum outside her door.
“You’re not goin’ to use that thing, are you?” Mum said frantically. “Why don’t we call the police?”
“I’m going to call the police! Please relax,” Katherine reassured and then, with rising alarm in her voice, “Where are the cats?”
“The last time I saw them, they were toastin’ their buns on the kitchen register.”
“Hurry! Get in your room.”
Mum finally went in and locked the door.
Katherine yanked her cell out of her bag and called Chief London. “I think the stolen vehicle is parked in front of my house,” she said anxiously. “It’s a red pickup.”
“Katz, stay in your vehicle. Do NOT go inside,” the chief ordered. “I’ll be there in a few minutes.”
“That’s a problem because I’m already inside.” She disconnected the call and tapped Jake’s number. It rang and rang, then went into voice mail. “Don’t come. Chief’s on his way.” She put the cell in her back pocket.
Gripping the Glock with both hands, she cautiously walked downstairs. Suspecting the person in the living room was armed, Katherine swiftly searched downstairs, leaving the living room for last. She had to get to the cats in the kitchen, and shut that door so they wouldn’t run into the living room. Entering the kitchen, she was shocked to find the cats weren’t on the register or on the window valance. Oh, my God. They’re in the living room with a murderer.

Praise for the Book
"In this book my heart was beating in moments and crying too ... such sweet moments. You'll see why ... so buy the books. You'll just fall in love with all the cats. Highly recommend this book, as well as the entire series." ~ Ramona Kekstadt
"I've loved this series from the first book, and this one did not disappoint. I stumbled on this series while recovering from surgery, and found that the cozy mysteries were just what the doctor ordered. If you love cats, like a mystery, but don't like books that are full of violence and explicit details, this is the purrrfect series. Nice quick reads and lots of cats! Oh, and the human characters are also an asset. I hope the author will continue to add to the series." ~ SKP
"Loved this book, It's like meet old friends. Easy to read and once you start you can't put it down." ~ Mary Sorenson
"This is a light, easy murder mystery with minimum suffering and minimum gore. There's love involved, but the author discreetly draws the line at hugging and kissing. I very much appreciate this! When I want a cosy, I'm not looking for steamy sex. The plot is straightforward but extremely well crafted. While our heroine, Katz, is becoming a murder magnet in this series set in small town INDIANA, the plot is believable. I found it a totally enjoyable afternoon read." ~ Caroline Baisley

About the Author
Karen Anne Golden released her first book, The Cats that Surfed the Web, in December 2013. In one year, she added three other books to The Cats that ... cozy animal mystery series. The Cats that Played the Market is the fourth book.
Karen received a bachelor’s degree in History/Education from Columbus College, Columbus, Georgia. She obtained a master's degree in anthropology at Purdue University, and then conducted ethnographic field research (all-but-the Ph.D. dissertation) in Brighton Beach, New York.
When she decided that an academic career wasn't for her, she worked for a major computer company, riding the subway from Brooklyn to mid-town Manhattan. But her heart wasn't in the big city. Karen saved for years until she was able to buy a Victorian house in Indiana.
Now she lives in a Queen Anne built in 1897; it's a "painted lady" with four colors in the paint scheme. She’s spent many hours restoring her beloved house. With the house finished, she has time to do what she’s passionate about - writing. She has opened her house to many cats, mostly "rescues".

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