Saturday, January 31, 2015

"State of Alliance" by Summer Lane

State of Alliance
(Collapse Series Book 5)
by Summer Lane

State of Alliance, the fifth book in Summer Lane's Collapse Series, has just been released. Also available: State of Emergency, State of Chaos, State of Rebellion (read my blog post), and State of Pursuit (read my blog post).

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There is no such thing as safe.
For Commander Cassidy Hart, staying alive is only one of her day-to-day problems. As a newly minted Senator of the State of California, she must travel to Monterey Bay with the hope of bringing an agreement between the militia forces and the Pacific Northwest Alliance as the United States desperately battles against the shadow invasion forces of Omega.
But Monterey is not what it seems. The threat of another Omega attack looms on the horizon, and Commander Chris Young – the love of Cassidy’s life – is not the only important person in Cassidy’s life who is keeping secrets. Assassinations, betrayal and startling revelations lie ahead.
The war is now. Fight or die.
Choose your side.
The fifth installment in the international bestselling Collapse Series, a YA/NA post-apocalyptic romantic adventure.

Praise for the Book
"Summer Lane did it again! State of Alliance (book 5) is even more than I expected. This series just keeps getting better and better, not that I expected any less. Cassidy and Chris are by far an amazing duo. Friends, lovers, soldiers, and most importantly, leaders. I cannot find words to describe how awesome this book is. If you enjoy action, dystopian, romance, sadness, happiness, betrayal, this is it!!! Love, love, this!!! Thank you Summer Lane." ~ Sabby Pitt
"I'm not big on writing reviews, but with all the other books in this series loved it! Now I can't wait for the next installment." ~ Candice

Guest Post by the Author
The Writing Process of the Collapse Series
I’m frequently asked what it’s like to write a series. The truth is, it’s hard to sum up the experience in just a couple of sentences, because creating a series is very hard work! I released the first installment in the Collapse Series, State of Emergency, in January 2013. It’s been two years. I have since released six books, and by the end of this year, I will have at least ten total published works. Writing, editing, publishing and selling an average of 3-4 books per year is a massive undertaking, one that must be carefully scheduled out. My year is divided into an average of three sections: January-March, March-June and June-October. This is the most challenging part of the year. November-December is spent purely writing without editing or marketing, so in a way, those two months are like a vacation to me – ALMOST!
With my year sectioned out like this, the moths pass very quickly. It usually takes me a full month to write a novel, and at least three weeks to write a novella. The rest of the time is devoted to editing and research. Before I know it, the entire year is already over! I do not write by the seat of my pants. Everything I do is planned and thought out long before the pen ever meets paper – or in my case, before my fingers hit the keyboard. My series are all interconnected, so planning and plotting is an absolute must. I love what I do. I wouldn’t trade it for anything. I’m so excited to share State of Alliance with the world!

About the Author
Summer Lane is the author of the international bestselling Collapse Series and the Zero Trilogy. She owns WB Publishing and Writing Belle, an online magazine dedicated to the Art of Storytelling. Summer is also an accomplished creative writing teacher and professional journalist.
Summer lives in the Central Valley of California, where she creates her stories and shares them with the world.

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