Friday, June 20, 2014

"It Stinks to be Pink!" by Kathryn L. Novak

It Stinks to be Pink!
by Kathryn L. Novak

Check out this gorgeous children's book (ages 3-9); it's FREE 21-25 June! It Stinks to be Pink! is written and illustrated by the talented Kathryn L. Novak. The author states: "I wrote this story hoping to help children overcome challenges similar to those that I faced as a child. It is designed to help them to learn to love themselves. I want to let them know they are perfect just as they are." You can even subscribe for free Fuzzipuff printables.

This is the story of Spotty, the unhappiest little fuzzipuff on the island of Flora. Find out why he thinks that being Pink is the worst thing that could ever happen to anyone. Join him on his dangerous adventure to the Dark Forest, and see what "magical" surprise he finds there. Will it be the answer to all his dreams? Will Spotty finally be happy?

Book Trailer

But before Bella could speak, Lightning answered the question. “Aw, that’s just the way he is; he’s always mad. Besides, I don’t think Spotty likes any of us,” he answered loudly.
Lightning was the boldest fuzzipuff. He got his name because of the black streak across his blue furry top in the shape of a bolt of lightning. No matter what he did, he did in a very big way.  He didn’t walk; he ran. He never just talked; he always shouted.
Lightning was wrong. Spotty was not mad, he simply was afraid.  Even the thought of running and playing with Mila wasn’t enough to get Spotty to go outside and play. Spotty couldn’t even bring himself to tell his mother or father why he couldn’t play with the others. He just couldn’t speak about it. The reason he was so terribly sad, the reason Spotty was so unhappy, was as clear as the fuzzy fur on his face. That thing that was so terribly awful was the fact that Spotty was pink! Yes, Spotty was about as pink as pink could be.

My Review
The fuzzipuffs are furry little creatures who live on the tiny island of Flora. They all live happily in their paradise, all except for Spotty. Spotty is unhappy because he is different to the other fuzzipuffs; he is pink instead of blue and has black spots instead of streaks. Although the other fuzzipuff children might look similar, they all have their own personalities and distinguishing characteristics, and they can't understand why Spotty is always sad and won't play with them.
Spotty's unhappiness leads him to take desperate measures, but he finally gets help from an unexpected source. He ultimately learns that we are often more critical of ourselves and aware of our own differences than others actually are. And that a little bit of faith goes a long, long way.
This is a cute story with a great message. It teaches us to accept who we are and be proud of our individuality. The lovely bright illustrations, by the author herself, are the perfect complement to this story. You and your children are sure to fall in love with the fuzzipuffs.

About the Author
Kathryn L. Novak is a children's book author. She says, "I write books to help children. I want to give them the tools necessary to navigate the sometimes difficult stages of growing up." Kathryn is both an author and an artist. She not only writes her books, she illustrates them as well. Currently she is living in Chicago, Illinois in a brick house with her husband and four furry fuzzipuffs.