Sunday, August 18, 2013

This Week on Books Direct - 18 August 2013

This Week on Books Direct - 18 August 2013

Here's a list of the articles you may have missed this week:

"Gluten- and Grain-Free" - Brought to you by Bundle of the Week.
After numerous requests to bring back their gluten- and grain-free bundle from earlier this year, Bundle of the Week is offering a brand new set featuring five new gluten- and grain-free ebooks for your collection. With this bundle, you'll discover even more tips for a gluten-free kitchen as well as almost 200 recipes for every meal of the day. Whether you're just getting started or you've been gluten-free for years, this bundle is sure to provide inspiration and delicious meals for your family! Get all five of these ebooks for almost 90% off this week only.

"46 Top Websites to Promote Your Book for FREE" - Article by Savvy Writers & Ebooks Online.
Since being first published in March 2012, this list of websites has grown to almost 100. Don't forget, you can also promote your books right here on the Books Direct blog. Check out the "List Your Book" page for further information.

"Top Free & Paid Services to Promote Your Kindle Books" - Article by Eric of for 30 Day Books.
Promoting your book before and after you publish it is a critical step to making your book a success. Eric shares his favorite places to promote books, both free and paid.

Please sign the petition to have your say. Books you purchase from the Kindle Store are eligible for return and refund if they receive your request within seven days of the date of purchase. This is unfair to authors and publishers because this is how many of them earn their living.

"List Building Basics for Authors" - Article by Sharon for Fiction Blueprints.
The real issue is not about getting readers to your blog. The question should be how do you keep them coming back to read your posts?

A new study looks at parents using books as interventions for children who experience social struggles, which may arise from disabilities like autism or Down Syndrome. The new research explores the positive effects of reading as part of a parental intervention strategy for children struggling with social issues.

"So You Want To Write?" - Article by Julie Elizabeth Powell.
A list of what Elizabeth has has found useful, from someone who's writing in between paid work.

"Ten Rules for Writing Fiction" - Article by The Guardian.
Inspired by Elmore Leonard's 10 Rules of Writing, The Guardian asked authors for their personal dos and don'ts.
You can also read Part 2 here.

"25 Steps To Being A Traditionally Published Author: Lazy Bastard Edition" - Article by Delilah S. Dawson on TerribleMinds.
Read Delilah's "quickest, dirtiest, most simple route to writing a novel and getting it published by a traditional publisher."

"How to 'Make' a Bestseller" - Article by Carmen DeSousa.
What's the secret to having a bestseller?

"The Last Words of Literary Greats" - Article by Indie Books Reviewed.
What would you like your last words to be?

"How Posterity Might See Us" - Article by Rosanne Dingli.
How will you be seen years down the track? Would you rewrite your own history?

"When History Gets in the Way of a Good Story" - Article by Michael Reynolds for English Historical Fiction Authors.
A fiction writer's primary role is as a storyteller. So it becomes critical to develop some tricks of the trade in order to keep one's novels page-turning and on plot.

"What it Really Means to Edit" - Article by Kathryn Elizabeth Jones for Idea Creations Press.
Editing is probably one of those things you hate to do but feel as if you have to do anyway to put out the best book possible. And you'd be right. But there is also that other side of editing, the side called choice, when it's really is up to you to decide how you want your story to go.