Monday, August 5, 2013

"Candy Kid and His Adventures" by Danny Calderon

Candy Kid and His Adventures
by Danny Calderon

Candy Kid and His Adventures is the first book by new author Danny Calderon. Please show him your support by posting your review once you have read it.

Young children often hear parents say, “Too much sugar is bad for you,” or, “You have to eat your vegetables,” but kids don’t always listen to adults. Candy Kid and His Adventures approaches the same important lesson in a way a young child will enjoy and understand.
This delightful picture book, written by Danny Calderon and illustrated by Arnel Millos, tells the story of a boy named Andy, who doesn’t want to try any “real” food, and just eats sweets morning, noon, and night. One night, he shrinks to microscopic size, and meets new friends. Together, they embark on a great adventure and help Andy learn a valuable lesson.
Through vibrant illustrations and gentle words, Candy Kid and His Adventures reinforces the idea that healthy foods are something good that children should want for themselves. It won't make kids feel bad about eating occasional treats, but plants a seed in the mind of young readers to get them thinking about what good, healthy eating can do for them.
Children will love the appealing character of Andy, and parents will love the healthy message their kids can learn just by reading a fun story.
Suitable as a read aloud book for preschoolers or a self-read kid's book for older children.

One day Mom called Andy:
'Come Andy I made something yummy.
I made scrambled eggs with tomato and cheese,
Or if you prefer a chicken with peas.'

Guess what?
Andy wasn't impressed,
And chewed a chocolate bar instead.

I bought this book because I liked the sound of the blurb and was keen on the positive message it imparted about not eating too much junk food, as I wanted my son to learn from this positive message. However, my son absolutely loved this book, and couldn't wait for me to read to him more of the amazing adventures of the main character, Andy. The illustrations are so vividly drawn and they brought the whole thing to life. My son just couldn't get enough of them. Night after night I've read this to him, and he always demands I reread. Which is kind of annoying as he ignores the more expensive picture books I have bought for him. Seriously though, this is a wonderful Kindle book and perfect for mother and son bonding time.

From the Author
Ever since I remember myself I love books.
The books that I still smile when I'm thinking about them are the ones from my childhood.
In some of these books I remember mostly the words or the illustrations, and in others the combination.
This is what I like to accomplish in my books.
Enjoy, Danny C.