Friday, August 9, 2013

"Grace the Maid" by Micki Street

Grace the Maid
by Micki Street

In Sandton, South Africa, the Melja housing estate is abuzz with gossip. Grace's longtime employer, Bonnie Beaufort, is finally pregnant, but before she can share the wonderful news with her husband of eight years, she discovers he’s left her for his pregnant secretary.
Grace embarks on a self-imposed mission to find Bonnie a suitable husband before her baby is born, while Bonnie is just trying to get through her divorce. Grace confabs with the other maids in the complex to divine a secretive plan to secure Clive Winterton, Bonnie's handsome neighbor.
But Grace's best-laid plans oft go astray…

Grace is an absolute dear, but she takes some things upon herself that I really think I would "let her go" for if she was my maid. She seems to have the lines blurred of what is proper and what is not when it comes to her job, luckily she has been with Bonnie for a long time and she is a very forgiving boss!
Micki Street has a natural way of taking every day situations and finding the fun and irony in them. Her sense of humor jumps off the page and will have you giggling throughout the book. There are some touching and emotional scenes too but overall this is a light-hearted, feel good, fun read that I would highly recommend.

About the Author
Micki Street recently moved to San Fernando, La Union in the Philippines with her husband, two dogs and a cat from Malawi-Africa.
After a career in tourism, she briefly transferred her creativity to farming. Not a 'hot' person, her friends surprisingly submitted as guinea pigs for her chili concoctions - none, thankfully, resorted to the ER. A couple of years on, she wrote a novel evoking her travel experiences: her publication debut, Before the Daisies Grow, follows the capers of three vigorous English grandmothers who travel into the unknown. The sequel, which will be available toward the end of 2013, continues with the Grannies' holiday farce. Her latest book, Grace The Maid, which is set in South Africa, is now available.