Wednesday, August 14, 2013

"13" by Julie Elizabeth Powell

by Julie Elizabeth Powell

I came across this book as a member of the Paranormal and Horror Lovers group on Goodreads. If you like this kind of book, why not join the group. You'll be sure to find a book that interests you, free in exchange for an honest review.

What is found within the depths of the human soul? Does wickedness linger, as if the Devil’s thumb is ready to pluck the strings of certain choices? And with the strumming, just how far will Evil spread?
13 is the story of random souls pitted against the tragedy of the modern world.
Will they decipher the unknown and make it out alive?

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By Lynda Dickson
13 is actually a group of fourteen stories, all involving murder. The numbers are like a deck of cards, including the Ace, Jack, Queen, and King. Each number is also reflected in some aspect of the story. At the end, in the Joker's story, the thirteen characters are brought together to account for their sins. Only one can escape alive. Who will it be?
Most of the stories are told in a stream of consciousness style, relating the characters' thoughts in short, sharp, single sentence paragraphs. The characters themselves include common thieves, witches, hired assassins, zombies, and mass murderers, each with their own agenda.
This book is like a puzzle. You have to fit the pieces together and figure out what's happening. But it all comes together neatly in the end, when the numbers become the characters' names. Make sure you remember who's who, or take notes, otherwise it might get confusing.
My favorite stories were numbers 2 and 9. Which one is your favorite?
Warnings: Coarse language, violence, murder, sex, drugs.

From the Author
Hello everyone. If you haven't guessed by now I have a passion for words and have twelve books published ... all thanks to Lulu and Kindle, much hard work and sleepless nights.
My eldest daughter has flown the nest and is married to a man who doesn't mind his mother-in-law though my son is still fluffing his feathers.
My middle child is off on a mysterious adventure, the like of which I can only guess ... and tried to do so in my first book, Gone.
I love to read and am looking for ways to double time so to indulge in the mysterious and wonderful and delicious and strange ... my favorite kind of story.
Writing is my passion, though I enjoy creating handcrafted cards, jewelry making, scrapbooking, painting, drawing and dabbling in art whenever I can.
Oh yes, I used to teach or mark exam papers but now concentrate on writing and enjoying my new life, which materialized as if by a miracle. Though still dislike all those necessary domestic chores that would, for me, be included in the Rings of Hell!
That's it. Thank you to anyone who reads my books ... enjoy the flight!