Tuesday, August 13, 2013

"Landon and the Dragon" by Joy Fridman and illustrated by Karen Dishaw

Landon and the Dragon
by Joy Fridman and
illustrated by Karen Dishaw

Landon and the Dragon is the first picture book written by Joy Fridman and illustrated by Karen Dishaw. Please download it, read it with the special children in your life, and leave a review on Amazon. You can read my 5-BD review below.

Landon and the Dragon is a story about Landon's journey. On his journey he meets all kinds of hardships and challenges.
Will Landon fight the dragon? Will he gain back his confidence? ...

On his way to the playing field, Landon saw a scary dragon in the sky. It was spitting fire! He got so scared and started to run to where all the other boy-knights were.


By Lynda Dickson
At the beginning of this story, Landon is frightened by the dragon and is then bullied by his peers. With the encouragement of a new friend, Landon summons up the courage to face his fears.
This book is well written, with a feel-good story, and a sound moral. The story is further enhanced by the cute and colorful illustrations by Karen Dishaw.
Definitely one to share with your children, especially young boys.

From the Author
My name is Joy Fridman. My first book was a book about monsters; it was called Monster's Island. I wrote it when I was 6 years old, and made it with a hard cover handmade. I still have the book. Since then I have written poems and stories my whole life, including short stories and one novel.
Other than online blogs, my first story ever published is my children's book: Landon and the Dragon. Over the years I've worked with children as a kindergarten teacher, and had the chance to take care of two special children for a few years. This book started as a poem to a certain child, and over the years turned into a book.

About the Illustrator
Karen Dishaw is a full-time graphic artist currently working for many different clients around the world. Graduated from the Arts Institute of Pittsburgh in 2010, she focuses on work that gears towards a younger audience, having done many projects such as children's books, comics, character design and games.
Many of her works showcase a cartoon vibe as well as a lively energy which seems to make the characters and art come to life.
Hard-working and a grade A team player, Karen loves what she does and wants to show it.

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