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"How to Catch a Magical" by Samuel Thews

How to Catch a Magical
(Andromeda Nyx Book 1)
by Samuel Thews

How to Catch a Magical (Andromeda Nyx Book 1) by Samuel Thews

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If you want to catch a Magical, you have to go about it the right way.
You have to have the right tools, the right training, a certain disregard for danger and a flair for the dramatic. Oh, and it helps if you inherit your father’s wicked bounty hunter skills, which give you superhuman reflexes and senses.
It’s really hard without the last one.
Andromeda Nyx has all the skills to be a successful bounty hunter. But after five years of training and catching nothing but Flinks - the lowest-level Magicals, the kind that think it’s funny to steal just one sock from a pair and hide it somewhere in the garden - she’s itching for bigger game. When her mentor says going out on her own to catch a Sprite is too risky, she decides to freelance. When the Sprite she catches turns out to be a messenger, Nyx is chosen as an ambassador for the bounty hunters and must travel to the decrepit world of the Magicals, Himnara.
While there, she is informed of a plot by Arcanus Emerson Kain - the leader of a rogue sect of Magicals - to invade Earth for a seemingly bizarre purpose: he wants to steal people. Along with her mentor Ridge, Nyx must find a way to stop Kain before his power becomes too great.

There was a horrible gurgling sound and then the train lurched into motion. The jolt threw me back and my head smacked against the seatback. The rusty wheels squeaked and banged, the car bouncing every time one of the gaps in the wheels rolled over the tracks.
But something was wrong. We weren’t going back into the tunnel. We were headed towards the cave opening.
“Umm, Ridge …” I said, but he had already seen it. His huge hairy knuckles gripped the edge of the seat in front of us.
Okay. What could possibly happen? Obviously the Magicals had made this train. Perhaps it would go across a hidden track to the other side of the canyon—or maybe it was able to fly.
The train went right off the edge of the tracks, doing a smashing impersonation of a lemming, and plummeted down into the gorge like a stone.
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Praise for the Book
“Samuel Thews writes a rousing tale of magic, bounty hunters and war. I suspect that I like my teenage heroines to always be confident and either compassionate and positive, or cynical, violent and jaded. […] Andromeda is a complex character, as are her Father and some of the others in the story. My favorites, outside of Andromeda, was Whitchurch. He was a charming, crazy and wild old bounty hunter that Andromeda meets in an enemy prison. Between his wit, his skills, his experience, his brilliance and his caring, he is just a wonderful person. The nude fishing and other zany things make him a bit crazy.” ~ Kindle Customer
“Again, Samuel hits a home run! This book is a wonderful read. It's a good book for the whole family. It is well crafted and I can't wait for him to write another one! I'm looking forward to seeing what he comes up with next.” ~ Jil
“Excellent read - well written and completely original. The author quickly hooked me with the fast paced adventure featuring a strong, well rounded heroine as the main character. This book brought to mind some of my favorite stories like Harry Potter and Artemis Fowl - without leaving me with the feeling that the author was trying to ride on anyone's coat tails. I can't wait for Andromeda Nyx's next adventure.” ~ Amazon Customer

About the Author
Samuel Thews
Samuel Thews has been writing stories since he was old enough to hold a pencil. As a child, he reveled in the stories of C. S. Lewis, J. R. R. Tolkien, Brian Jacques, and other fantasy authors. A life-long reader, he is a fan of J. K. Rowling, Neil Gaiman, and mystery author M. C. Beaton. He has also read Les Misérables not once, but twice. Unabridged, of course.
Although his educational background is in science and law, it is still the magical and fantastical that excites him. He enjoys writing stories for his daughters, who will hear one bedtime tale and ask that it be turned into a book. Writing with a whimsical style, he seeks to evoke the light, refreshing reading experience found in fairy tales and cozy mysteries.
A native of North Carolina, he currently lives in a rural part of Orange County with his wife, three children, and their ever-growing menagerie.

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