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"Bash and Lucy Fetch Team Vera and the Dream Beasts" by Lisa and Michael Cohn

Bash and Lucy Fetch Team Vera and the Dream Beasts
(Bash and Lucy Book 3)
by Lisa and Michael Cohn

Bash and Lucy Fetch Team Vera and the Dream Beasts (Bash and Lucy Book 3) by Lisa and Michael Cohn

Bash and Lucy Fetch Team Vera and the Dream Beasts is the third book in the Bash and Lucy series written by Lisa Cohn and her son Michael, when he was nine. This book is suitable for children ages 7 to 10. Also available: Bash and Lucy Fetch Confidence (read my blog post) and Bash and Lucy Fetch Jealousy (read my blog post).

Bash and Lucy Fetch Confidence by Lisa and Michael CohnBash and Lucy Fetch Jealousy by Lisa and Michael Cohn

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Sensitive Bash gets grumpy and disruptive when his life is too bright, too loud, too smelly, or too busy. He counts on his dog, Lucy, to help keep him calm. But Paula, Bash’s girl-power cousin, is causing all sorts of trouble. Paula says her soccer team has the right to take Lucy away from Bash because girls deserve the very best canine coaches. And superstar Lucy is the most successful coach around! How can Bash show he respects the girls’ rights while keeping dear Lucy by his side?

Book Video
Check out this video featuring Michael Cohn explaining sensory sensitivities.

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Praise for the Book
Bash and Lucy Fetch Team Vera and the Dream Beasts teaches an important message candy wrapped with humor. Bash learns that under the Title IX law, girls have equal rights as boys when it comes to the best coaches and education. This is an early chapter book with expressive illustrations.” ~ Tina Morley
“This book is great fun to read, but I also couldn't help but think about the way immigrants are maligned these days and how nice it was to see one championed in a Bash and Lucy book. Keep them coming please, son and daughter team, Michael and Lisa Cohn! Great read! You scored once again!” ~ Elisa Wood
“It’s great fun to read a book based on the characters you know in real life. I am familiar with some, if not all, dogs and humans in this book. I think kids and their parents should read this book because I like the message and the universal appeal of this story and its characters.” ~ T

My Review
I received this book in return for an honest review.

By Lynda Dickson
When Bash is anxious he feels “hungry, grumpy, disruptive, or prone to tantrums”, and he conjures up the dream beasts, the monsters that chase people who didn’t like dogs. But with his dog and best friend Lucy by his side, Bash feels “full, happy, cooperative, and calm.” He loves playing soccer and Lucy is his team’s coach. The finals are approaching, but Bash’s cousin Paula wants to take Lucy away to coach her team. And it appears that Title IX gives them that right! Bash’s resulting anxiety brings the dream beasts out in full force. What will Bash do?
The lovely watercolor illustrations by Heather Nichols bring Bash and Lucy to life. Bash speaks in cute dog riddles, which must be interpreted by his friend Adam. This book does a good job of describing Bash’s sensory sensitivities, but I don’t recall them being mentioned in the previous books. The author also conveys some of the emotional benefits of having a dog. I liked how Bash solves the problem of the dream beasts. However, the dream beasts should be described as chasing those who need - or would benefit from having - a dog, not those who don’t like dogs. In addition, while it’s great to empower women and make Bash’s sister Ally the town mayor, librarian, and founder of the dance troupe, it’s unrealistic that she appears to be everywhere at once. I also don’t follow the logic of Title IX giving Paula the right to take Lucy away from Bash to coach her team. “Title IX is a law that requires that men and women have equal opportunities in sports, including equal access to the best coaches.” Surely, then, the boys are just as entitled to retain Lucy as their coach, if not more so, since Bash is Lucy’s rightful owner. This book takes “girl power” too far and makes the girls into bullies.
There are a few mixed messages here. The book would probably work better if it focused well on just one idea, instead of struggling with four.

Note from Author Lisa Cohn
A sensory-sensitive boy (Bash), his girl-power cousin, some canine soccer coaches, and a handful of “dream beasts” are all featured in our third book, Bash and Lucy Fetch Team Vera and the Dream Beasts.
Our aim with this book is to teach kids about Title IX and the importance of ensuring girls and women have equal access to the same opportunities as boys and men. In addition, we wanted to provide some strong female role models: Ally, Vera, and Paula.
What's more, we hope to educate people about sensory issues and sensory processing disorder in children. The main character, Bash, is sensory sensitive, and relies on his dog, Lucy, to help keep him calm.
As always, our canine companions play a critical role in our books. This book, which introduces two new dogs - Hudson and Glory - is no exception.
Michael, age 9, played a critical role in shaping Bash and Lucy Fetch Team Vera and the Dream Beasts. The dream beasts, which chase humans who don't like dogs, were invented and designed by Michael.
Michael also insisted on a long title, “the kind of title you see in Captain Underpants books.” Along with inventing the dream beasts and writing the title, he created numerous “girl-power” characters - based on his sister, Ally; grandma, Vera; and cousin, Paula.
Michael was not the only child who contributed to this book. During our Skype in the classroom visits, we always ask students to give us ideas for our next book. Their responses informed some of our decisions.
We love visiting with school children, either via Skype or in person. As guest speakers with Skype in the classroom, we have “travelled” 540,000 miles to meet with students in 15 countries around the world. We are proud that we are certified Microsoft Innovative Educators as a result of our Skype in the classroom visits. We're also proud that we've received two Mom's Choice Silver awards for our first two books, Bash and Lucy Fetch Confidence and Bash and Lucy Fetch Jealousy.
We welcome comments and feedback!

About the Authors
Lisa and Michael Cohn
Award-winning mom-son authors Lisa and Michael Cohn have appeared on the Today Show, SiriusXM Radio, AM Northwest, in Disney's Babble, the Oregonian, and other media outlets. They are founders of the Roving Reader Leaders, which features YouTubebook reviews by kids, KidLit author interviews by children, and a kids’ reading club. Michael and Lisa have “travelled” 540,000 miles and visited students in 15 countries around the world via Skype in the classroom to discuss their books.

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