Sunday, April 19, 2015

"My Journey to the Ocean" by Lena Mikado

My Journey to the Ocean
(All Colors of the Rainbow Book 1)
by Lena Mikado

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This novel is a memoir. Memoir gone chick lit (a bit twisted, perhaps at times too philosophical chick lit), yet still a memoir. It is a story about coming out of age, about what is happening on one’s mind when they are falling out of love and about trying to live in the present moment. All wrapped up in the sugar cone of that elusive humor of our everyday lives.
Elena knows what she wants from life. Her whole picture-perfect existence is planned out and allows for no deviation. She is engaged to be married and intends to be happy. Along with three of her girlfriends, she takes a summer trip across the ocean, to St. Simons Island, Georgia, United States. Pool parties, vodka watermelons and the eternal question – to shag or not to shag. Her whole world is about to be rock-n-rolled, and she will have to face a pretty hard choice. It all sounds like a setup for a summer-fling novel, but is it really like that in actuality, or does Miss Real Life have something more conniving under her sleeve? Are there happy endings in real life?

Book Video

Another flashback took me half a year ago into the freezing cold Russian night. Alex was walking me back home through the dark and dangerous courtyards of the Soviet apartment complexes. The snow was a thick layer of glittering white on tall pine trees, and the stars were cold and distant. The air was so crisp we could taste the frost on our lips. And the only sound that we could hear was the crunching snow under our feet. I was looking forward to coming back home and having a cup of tea with mom and dad, maybe watching a late night movie with mom after dad went to bed.
“You never pay me compliments.” I was whining and teasing him at the same time. “I think you’re taking me for granted.”
“But I love you more than anybody ever will. And I know exactly what I love about you. I don’t have to talk about this all the time.”
“But women love compliments. It keeps us going you know.” I laughed.
“Okay! Let’s see. Your eyes are such a deep blue color. Like the ocean. When I look into them, I feel like I might drown.”
He was messing with me. I gave him a look from under my eyelashes, and noticed that he was dead serious.
Suddenly his face disappeared and I saw Chris still holding his hands on my cheeks. Eyes… Two different nights. One cold, one warm. White snow, white magnolias. A guy that loves me, and a guy that just plays around with me.
“Leave me alone!” I hissed and threw Chris’s hands off my face. “Just go away and leave me alone.”

Praise for the Book
"Lena may sound a bit like Sophie Kinsella at first, but the story is more real, more honest, and less of a fairy tale." ~ Elle Russia
"Amidst the humor, very poignant and philosophical moments." ~ My Sweet Delirium
"You will laugh like you did with Bridget Jones, you will cry like you did with Eat, Pray, Love. It will stay in your heart forever." ~ Bookworm and Coffee

About the Author
Lena Mikado was born in Voronezh, Russia, and moved to St. Simons Island, Georgia, USA at the age of 22. Lena received her MA degree in Linguistics, Translation and Intercultural Communication in 2005. She is the owner of a translation and localization company, writer, mummy, wife, blogger and belly dancer. And not always in this order.
Lena writes tongue-in-cheek chick lit novels that are full of reflections on the matters that bother all of us every minute of our lives: love and hate, life and death, motherhood and trying to live in the present moment. My Journey to the Ocean is the first novel of the All Colors of the Rainbow series.

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