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"Fake Boobs" by Ryan Ringbloom

Fake Boobs
by Ryan Ringbloom

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Tori Albert is eighteen. Her confidence level is zero. A girl lost in the shuffle, hiding in the shadows craving attention, but no one ever seems to notice her. If only someone, anyone, would notice her, she’d be happy.
Grant Donavan is Tori’s older brother’s best friend. Suddenly he can’t stop noticing Tori, but that is not a good thing. She’s young, inexperienced and naïve. The best thing he could do is walk away. So why the hell is he not walking away?
Tori’s small boost of confidence gets torn down and she makes changes to build it back up. But maybe her new confidence isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Unfortunately some things you just have to learn the hard way.
Note: Contains mature content.

Book Video

“Look around the bar, Grant. Give us an idea of what your type is. We’ll help hook you up with the perfect girl.” My sister’s friend, Gabby, tossed a pretzel into her mouth, and chewed while talking. 
I scanned a few of the girls seated closest to us. Fair skin, red hair, casually sipping a beer and chatting with her friends. She was pretty, but not for me. Moving along. Dark hair, exotic, confident, drinking a Martini. Her eyes connected with mine and she rolled them uninterestedly. Not a problem, the feeling was mutual. Next. Ponytail and glasses picking at the label on her bottle of beer. Cute, but once again, I wasn’t interested. 
“Doesn’t look like you see anyone,” Gabby said, exchanging glances with my sister, Julie.
I gave another glance around the room at the pretty faces surrounding us, but still no one held my attention. All of the girls were attractive. Just none of them seemed to do it for me.
Not like her.
The dull ache forming in my chest stopped me from going down that road again.
Crowds and drinking were never my scene. I was eager to leave even though we hadn’t been there very long. No matter what part of Jersey you were in, the bars were always mobbed. I’d almost forgotten how crowded it could get; it’d been so long since I was home. Not that Jersey was my home anymore. We paid the tab and the three stools we vacated were immediately snatched up in the packed bar.
As we made our way through the hoard of people, my eyes fell on a girl with the most unnatural looking blonde hair I’d ever seen. Platinum locks so light her hair actually bordered on white and eyes an odd shade of blue that just didn’t look right. Even in the poor lighting of the bar, I could see her make-up was piled on thick. Her jeans were tight and her blouse was low cut. The heels on her boots were high and her boobs were…ginormous. Way too large for her small frame. She stood in a circle of laughing girls, but there was something familiar about the sweet sound of her laugh that stood out. 
After passing the group of girls, I turned my head to catch one last glimpse of the busty blonde before being tugged from the bar into the fresh night air.
What was it about that girl? Did I know her? What was on her wrist?
“No. Way!” Julie and Gabby both stated dramatically in unison.
“No way what?” I asked, turning to face them.
“There is no way in hell we would ever let you go for a girl like that.” Julie laughed, patting me on the back.
“Like what?” I questioned, lifting my brow.
Gabby shook her head giggling and Julie answered for both of them.
“A desperate girl with big, fake boobs.”

Praise for the Book
"I always like to read books by Ryan Ringbloom. They are funny and a little angsty. [...] Loved this story and enjoyed seeing what was going on in Grant's head." ~ Robin Powers
"This is a great story different from the regular romance novels. The story line was powerful with the esteem issues the main character has. Both the main characters struggle with issues but in the end it works out best for both. Great story line with for people who struggle to be comfortable in their own skin. The author did an amazing job with these characters." ~ Amazon Customer
"I can't put my finger on it. But I couldn't put this book down. From the moment I started reading it, it was all I could do to get back to reading it if I had to put it down. I loved the characters and the story. I felt for the characters and was able to lose myself in the book enough to get lost in it. I am pretty sure I frightened my kids and my dog every time I busted out loud from laughing so hard. Great read!" ~ Cat
"The title and the cover image do present a certain image but this book is so much more. It’s a peek into any young girl’s life that wasn’t comfortable in her own skin. And for a woman who didn’t have what she decided was an acceptable level of cleavage. It’s a journey through the trials and tribulations most women experience. This is a HEA that warms your heart. You get to 'see' Tori gain some perspective and confidence in herself as a person and as a woman. And you also get to see Grant’s perspective of Tori, both as a teenager and as a woman when they cross paths after many years. It’s a feel good book that has a great message." ~ Amber, Summer's Book Blog
"Fake Boobs is a story about first love as well as lasting love. There were parts in the book that literally made me cry. Who of us ladies out there have not felt beautiful or very good about themselves at least one time? [...] This book ends with a HEA ending which I loved. I thought the story was relatable too and well written. And trust me, after you read the book, you will definitely understand the title and its meaning to the overall story." ~ Melissa Mattern

About the Author
Ryan Ringbloom is a YA/NA author who lives for anything Romance. The passion, love, angst, awkwardness … she loves all of it. When Ryan needs a break from reality she sneaks off to read a romantic story or write one of her own. Drinking coffee, reading Tweets and hugs from her six year old are the best part of her day.

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