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"The Devil and Sister Ford" by Lynda D. Brown

The Devil & Sister Ford
(Invisible Enemies Book 3)
by Lynda D. Brown

The Devil & Sister Ford is the third book in Lynda D. Brown's Invisible Enemies series. Also available: Invisible Enemies, and Seed of Satan: Leah’s Story.

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Chaos in the Kingdom of Darkness! Cecilia is thrilled when Reverend William Rawlins, her best friend and confidante finally proposes, however their joy is cut short when Satan finds out! He’s determined to destroy the powerful man and woman of God once and for all, before they get a chance to say, I do. As this thrilling, supernatural series comes to an end, Sister Cecilia Ford and Reverend William Rawlins find themselves in the ultimate battle between good vs. evil!

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William felt a presence in his bedroom. When he turned over, he saw a man sitting at the edge of his bed. “Hello William.” The man said softly. William sat up and rubbed his eyes. He reached over and grabbed his glasses from the nightstand and adjusted them on his face. “Is that you, Lord?” William asked with a yawn. Jesus grinned. “Yes. My son, I have heard the desires of your heart, even if you refuse to give voice to them. I know what you want and what you need, and I’m here tonight to bless you.” Jesus said softly. William was curious as to which unspoken request Jesus was referring to.
“It’s time for you to remarry son,” Jesus said quietly. “Marry?” William stammered in disbelief. Jesus laughed. “Why ya gotta say it like that? I know how much you miss being married, old friend. You’re still a young man, and I want to bless you with a son to carry on my legacy at Grace Faith.” Jesus calmly replied.
William leaped out of bed and stared at Jesus with horror. “A son, you mean like a baby? I’m way too old to be starting a new family with babies!” William retorted as he began to pace about his spacious bedroom. “I can’t believe this, a baby, of all things!” He was walking back and forth across the room so fast; Jesus became dizzy watching him.
“Calm down William, you’re only fifty-one years old. Abraham was nearly a hundred when I blessed him with Isaac, and Sarah was in her nineties, at least your Cecilia is only forty.” The Lord said with amusement. William choked. “My Cecilia?” He asked irritability. “Since when did she become my Cecilia?”
Jesus chuckled. “Um, all knowing, remember?” He said pointing to himself. William rolled his eyes and climbed back into bed. “I see you’re not in the mood to be serious tonight, so I’m going back to sleep,” William replied grumpily, as he punched his pillow, turned over and pretended to sleep.
Jesus stared at his stubborn, lonely, faithful son and sighed. William was acting was just like the Israelites who wanted to stay in the wilderness and mourn Moses’ death and not move forward to possess what He had for them. It was time for William to move forward and possess the things God had set aside for him and Cecilia. So with a heavy heart, Jesus waved his left hand over his son. “William.”
William stiffened when he heard her voice. No, it couldn’t be. He turned around and there she was sitting on lush green grass, surrounded by a group of small children. A cute little boy sat on her lap.
“Wanda,” he whispered quietly, as tears stung the back of his eyes. William glanced around and was shocked to see that he was no longer in his bedroom, but in Heaven. He looked at Jesus. “Please don’t do this to me; you’re not being fair...” He pleaded. Jesus looked at his faithful son. “I love you William, and it hurts me to see you lonely. It’s been almost twenty years son. It’s time for you to let Wanda go.” Jesus patted William’s arm and walked away.
William turned towards Wanda. She put the little boy down and walked towards her husband. She reached out and caressed his face. William was surprised he could actually feel her touch. She gently wiped away the tears on his cheeks. “Honey, the Lord is right, it’s time for you to let me go, and move on with your life. I’m so happy here William, I can’t wait to share this with you, but every day I watch you struggle between your growing feelings for Cecilia and your lingering feelings for me. Baby, I want you and Cecilia to be happy. She takes real good care of you, and our daughters love her. Cecilia also needs you, she’s been widowed for almost twenty years, and hasn’t been with another man since Jackson died.” Wanda said to her loving, but stubborn husband.
William just held his wife’s hand. He didn’t know what to say. He glanced over and saw a small bench that he could have sworn wasn’t there a minute ago! They walked over to it and sat down. “How can you ask me to be with another woman, when I still love you? He asked quietly.
Wanda reached out and smoothed her husband’s graying hair. “Because I’m up here sweetheart, and I can’t come back. William, you’re still a very attractive man, and you have needs that you have ignored for years. I love you and miss you too, but honey, I want you happy and whole. I know that Cecilia makes you happy and you make her happy. You two work so well together, and Grace Faith church is better and stronger because of you. We watch you all the time up here, cheering you on. We really enjoyed watching you defeat Satan and his demons when they tried to destroy Abby. I was so proud of how you taught the congregation about spiritual warfare, and how the church used that knowledge, and stood up to the demon that materialized at the Church. God is very pleased with you, William and so am I.”
William was astounded. “You really watch us up here?” He asked. Wanda nodded. “Oh yes, we can tune into what’s going on down on earth anytime. You should see Michael and the angels as they prepare for battle, when the saints on earth begin praying and asking God for help. Millions of them take flight and fly off to do battle for the Lord!” Wanda said with great enthusiasm.
William was blown away. “Wow, and you get to see this?” Wanda grinned and nodded. William shook his head. “Amazing. I can’t wait to get here and see it all myself.” He said wistfully. Wanda took his hand and looked him in the eye. “It’s not your time yet.” She said firmly. “You still have a mighty work to do for God. Earth is in its last days, and God is going to use you, and the members of Grace Faith to help the lost and unbelievers. You are living in what the bible calls perilous times, and as the situation on earth gets worse, people are going to be crying out to God, really seeking Him, and He knows that you and Cecilia will teach them how to rightly discern His word, so that many souls will be saved.” She told him breathlessly.
“Wanda, God wants me to marry Cecilia, and He wants to bless us with a son. Can you believe that?” William asked her. Wanda smiled brightly. “I know, and your son is going to be amazing.” She whispered. William’s mouth fell open. “You know?” Wanda nodded, and kissed him.
William closed his eyes, enjoying her sweet kiss. He wanted to ask her about meeting the saints in the Bible, but when he opened his eyes, he was shocked to find himself back in his own bed. Disappointed, but happy, he lay there thinking about what Wanda told him and then his thoughts drifting to his best friend, Cecilia Ford. A baby, Lord, what are you up to? He finally turned over and fell into a blissful sleep, dreaming of Cecilia and lots and lots of babies.
Jesus chuckled to himself as He left William’s house. William had been the apple of the His eye, since he was a little boy. The Lord had called William at an early age, and he enthusiastically responded. William began preaching at eighteen, following in the footsteps of his father, grandfather and great grandfather. He met Wanda Anderson at vacation bible camp when they were both sixteen. They fell in love that summer, and William knew, without any doubt, that she would eventually become his wife. Wanda’s father and both of her grandfathers were preachers, so being a pastor’s wife, was an easy transition. She had watched her mother and both grandmothers in that role.

Praise for the Book
"An absolutely perfect finish to one of the best trilogies I have ever read. The author got my full attention from the Prologue, and I couldn't put the book down until I finished reading it." ~ LH, 5-star review on Amazon
"I'm going to tell you now if you read the first two books I know you will love this one." ~ Peggy, 5-star review on Amazon
"A must read and definitely needed in this day and time." ~ Amazon Customer, 4-star review

About the Author
Ms. Brown is also the producer and host of The Author Chat Show on blogtalkradio and Google Hangouts on Air, where she assists other authors in promoting their books.