Sunday, October 5, 2014

"Rise of the Blood Masters" by Kristian Alva

Rise of the Blood Masters
(The Dragon Stone Saga Book 5)
by Kristian Alva

Rise of the Blood Masters is the fifth book in The Dragon Stone Saga. Also available: Dragon Stones (FREE on Smashwords), Return of the Dragon Riders, Vosper's Revenge, and The Balborite Curse. Coming soon: Kathir's Redemption.

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This is the continuation of the bestselling young adult fantasy series, The Dragon Stone Saga!
Over 100,000 copies of this series have been sold.
The brave dragon rider, Tallin Arai, continues his fight against the Balborites, a cult of religious fanatics and deadly mageborn assassins that have been wreaking havoc across the continent. In the east, the dwarf kingdom crumbles into chaos. The dwarf clans go deeper into civil war, while an even greater danger rises up to destroy the entire dwarf kingdom, once and for all. In desperation, the dragon riders and the dwarves must turn to the elves for help.
Can they set aside their differences long enough to save their homeland from the Balborite menace? Or will their kingdoms be destroyed?

Featured Review
Kristin Alva’s Rise of the Blood Masters is not the perfect book for everyone, but it is sure to please young fantasy readers and fans of The Dragon Stone Saga alike. Even those who have never read any of Alva’s previous work will have no trouble getting into Rise of the Blood Masters, as it is written in a clear and engaging way and provides readers will all the information they need to feel like they’ve known Talllin and Duskeye for years.
Dragons, dwarves, assassins, elves, magic - in a sense, Rise of the Blood Masters has it all. Teenage readers in particular are sure to be entertained by the story’s wide range of characters and its plethora of fantastical and magical elements. The book will particularly appeal to those who enjoyed Paolini’s Inheritance cycle and will absolutely delight those who liked the Inheritance cycle, but would have preferred it a bit more streamlined.
Rise of the Blood Masters especially with its pacing. The book is the perfect length for a relaxing weekend read, and its pace never slows so as to lose the attention of readers. The story is written so that readers switch between different character viewpoints rather frequently, which makes the book hard to put down, resulting in a reading experience that is both easy and entertaining.
I especially enjoyed the character of Mugla as well as the development of Skera-Kina. Also, the book’s final two chapters are sure to leave fans clamoring for the next installment in the series.
It is possible that more seasoned readers will find the book too simple or will complain that there isn’t enough beneath its surface. It’s true that Rise of the Blood Masters, doesn’t offer any mind-blowingly artistic prose and that some of its characters feel a tad derivative; still, it’s a fun book, and those who can accept it for what it is are sure to enjoy it.

About the Author
Kristian Alva was born into a family of writers and teachers. She worked as a staff writer and a ghostwriter before publishing her own manuscripts. She currently lives in the United States with her family. When she’s not writing, she enjoys reading all genres, especially epic fantasy.

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