Wednesday, October 15, 2014

"A Fine Profession: The Chambermaid's Tales Part One" by Sarah Michelle Lynch

Note: This book is suitable for adults only
A Fine Profession:
The Chambermaid's Tales Part One
by Sarah Michelle Lynch

A Fine Profession, is part one of The Chambermaid's Tales. Also available: A Fine Pursuit.

A mysterious woman tells her tale to the private investigator sent to find her…
Lottie reveals the tragic events that led her into the arms of a community of free-loving people. Within the secretive confines of the Lodge, she has a chance to be herself and escape the banality of her day job.
A ménage à trois doesn't work out how she expected and she leaves behind the friends who helped her find her creativity. She goes on to explore her need for control, adopting the guise of a domme. But a domineering man arrives in her life and overthrows everything she previously believed. He is unforthcoming about his past – but we never discover the reasons. We know they were parted, but why?

The consummate seductress sat cross-legged on a chaise longue that was as crimson as her feted heart. That secondary bed straddled a voluptuous, Moroccan-inspired, Axminster rug, which added a touch of colour to a boudoir dominated by dark oak. She took a moment to survey the lavish, candlelit bedchamber, which might once have housed Henry Tudor for a night, for all she knew. It was just like many other sanctuaries she had grown accustomed to and those workaday environs no longer held any romance for her. They were as much a part of the illusion as she was.
The plush velvet of her seat somewhat clashed with the French, silk stockings she wore, so fine were they against her smooth, waxed limbs, she avoided static contact, barely moving an inch. The brooding, feminine musculature of her back was visible above a black lace basque, complemented by French knickers, suspenders and a customary pair of patent leather stilettos. The garments she need not have worn, for they left little to the imagination, though perhaps acted as a barrier of sorts.

Featured Review
Though it's billed as chick-lit, A Fine Profession by Sarah Michelle Lynch is much more than that simple genre tag allows. What I discovered between these electronic pages is an involved story that's engaging in ways as to draw the interests of both sexes. To label it as mere chick-lit or erotica serves only to lure a certain segment of readers while keeping others at bay.
This is the story of Lottie, a practitioner of all things sexual, hence the erotica label. But the story delves deeper into the human condition, examining the choices made by this one woman. Lottie is the one telling the story of her own sexual awakening, spilling her secrets to Heath, a private investigator sent to track down this mysterious Chambermaid. The sex scenes certainly call for an audience of 18 years of age and older; but don't be turned away. Lynch has crafted a well-written story filled with fleshed-out characters that are as real as any literary characters I've ever read. We learn of Lottie's childhood battle with illness, of her struggles with early-adulthood responsibilities, and of the true love she seeks. But just who sent this private investigator to track down the Chambermaid? You'll have to purchase your own copy to get answers. This is a book I feel safe in recommending. I don't normally read erotica, but A Fine Profession offers so much more than simple sex. I rate Lynch's novel 5 out of 5 stars.

About the Author
Sarah Michelle Lynch is a writer, wife and mother. She enjoys wine, travel and family get-togethers.
She studied English at Hull University before working for the Press Association for several years. She picked up her pen during maternity leave and an obsession emerged.
She is a trained proofreader and spends any spare time she has reading and writing.
The Ravage Trilogy is a vision of a future world and a romantic adventure that she never expected to be received so well.
The Chambermaid's Tales are two erotic books from a female and male perspective. The second book, A Fine Pursuit, is also available.