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This Week on Books Direct - 24 November 2013

This Week on Books Direct -
24 November 2013

Here's a list of the articles you may have missed this week:

"Is There A Formula To Be A Successful Writer?" - Article by Brian Feinblum for BookMarketingBuzzBlog.
How does one become a successful author? These are Brian's ideas on how to succeed.

"You Are Not a Writer Till You are a Reader" - Article by Tarun Durga for Medium.
If we want to create worlds, we should know what stories are made of. We have to be truly interested in stories.

"Beyond the Bestsellers: So You've Read Sarah Dessen" - Article by Kelly Jensen for Book Riot.
Are you a fan of Sarah Dessen? If so, here are some other authors you should read.

"Meeting the Street Poet of NYC" - Article by Scott Berkun.
Meet Donald Green, street poet of New York City.

To make sure that your ebook creation is as painless as possible, HubSpot has compiled these resources all in this blog post. You should have no problem creating an ebook after checking out all of these templates, blog posts, and free resources.

"I Was Late to the Classics Party" - Article by Jeremy Anderberg for Book Riot.
Jeremy reveals how he came to read the classics. How did you discover the classics?

"Want to become an authority in your industry? Try blogging." - Article by  Ronan Steyn for Ventureburn.
How do you establish yourself as an authority or thoughtleader in your respective industry? Try blogging.

"Book Marketing & Author Publicity Toolkit: 2014" - Article by Brian Feinblum for BookMarketingBuzzBlog.
Brian has put together a book publicity and marketing toolkit. It consists of some of his best and most useful blog posts from the past year.

"Why Writers are the Most Brutal Critics of Other Writers" - Article by Bryan Hutchinson for Positive Writer.
Writers have the reputation of giving harsh criticism to fellow writers. But is it true? Are writers each other's most brutal critics?

"14 Ways to Tick off a Writer" - Article by Rebecca Makkai for Ploughshares.
Writers are fun and easy to annoy. Minimum effort, maximum rage. Try these 14 simple tricks.  I do no. 14 in all my author interviews!

Hate bad grammar? How about those bad grammar posts?

"9 Beautiful Bookshelves of Questionable Functionality" - Article by Amanda Nelson for Book Riot.
Would you ever use one of these?

"When I Was a Kid: Book Edition" - Article by Mike Cane.
Do you have any more to add?

Somewhere to hide those Christmas gifts.


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